Tire wear

stoveguyyJuly 8, 2013

Grand prix. Got 3 used altimax tires at 60% tread. Got 1 more identical tire from shop and it also has same tread depth. Drove 5k miles? Now, 1 of the tires, not sure which is at 25% tread. Nice evn wear. Other 3 show almost no wear. I thought my eyes were playing tricks. How can 1 tire wear so much? I would expect even wear from all 4 tires. Yes worn tire is on front but other front tire looks fine.

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Are you the only driver of this vehicle? If not, there is a possibility: Agressive operation in turns from a stop or yield corner. If the route contains a number of corners, the inside tire can slip (spin) with an agressive application of the throttle. There is a natural tendency for a driver to be more agressive in a left hand turn than right hand. It has something to do with the driver being in the left seat; He feels more secure when he is on the inside of a turn and less secure when on the outside of a turn.

The other possibility is wheel alignment, however, you observed that the wear was even. One wheel can have excessive camber.

Another possibility is winter tread versus summer or long distance tread. Winter treads tend to have a softer compound for improved grip in cold weather, however, you said all tires were the same.

Possibility: One of the used tires had less tread to being with. It was stated that 3 of the tires had 60% tread, but if you did not measure this yourself, one of the bunch could have had less.

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all 4 tires are identical. same tread depth, same date code within 6 months if i recall. i thought i got lucky finding 3 for almost nothing and than finding a matching 4th cheap also. i know the altimax rt tires are cheapo tires. the hp are supposed to be better rated. my point is, i am not sure if worn tire is loner tire or one of the set of 3. car is driven from/to work. its kids car. and they are no hotrodders. just seems odd for 1 tire to basically wear out with minimal use.

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It is possible that one of the used tires had less tread to begin with. If the worn tread is on the front of a front wheel drive vehicle, do a tire rotation and move the low tread to the rear. Keep a watch on that tire. If it gets worn down to the replace limit, replace it. (The replacement limit occurs before the tire goes bald. Many tires have wear bar indicators.)

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There is a possibility that your fast wearing tire is teamed with a worn out strut and is also out of balance or round which would cause it to quickly wear down. Should also be a lot of vibration if that is the case .
There is also a chance it is the opposite problem where the non wearing tires came off a car that was seldom driven and the rubber has become very hard and they now have poor adhesion with the pavement. If the car tends to slide a bit when the brakes are applied in the rain, this could be the reason.

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Do I understand OP said he measured all four tires when he bought them? This seems a bit unusual unless there was a problem with the previous tires.

I remember once I wished for faster tire wear. I had a little Korean ecobox with 12" wheels. At 52,000 miles, the tires had NOT worn out yet!. The tires were so hard, they were dangerous in the rain. Once I had to make an emergency stop to avoid a car stopped in the highway exit lane, When I came to a stop, the car was facing the other direction!

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