Car Still Wasting Gas After Minor Repairs (Confused)

axiomkidJuly 19, 2008

I'm driving a 93 Pontiac Grand Am SE with a 6 cylinder engine. The car is up to 111,700 miles now. The car loves gas and eats it at every chance it can. Theres Still No Results in the things listed below to help solve the cars Gas wasting problem.

The thing's I've Completed as a Project are as is

1. Got a Oil change using High Mileage Oil. And added Engine Treatment with that.

2. Added Fuel Injection Cleaner. Normally do this a couple times a month.

3. Changed out the PCV Valve.

4. Changed the Oxygen Sensor.

5. Cleaned the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

6. Cleaned out the throttle body with Throttle body spray cleaner.

7. Replaced the Air Filter.

8. Had the Fuel Filter replaced a couple months ago.

9. The Spark plugs still got awhile before needing replaced.

Any Idea's.... I did every KNOWN Gas Related problem to help save a little more on my mileage but still there is no damn increase in saving more Fuel for the Gallon.

Also my Power Steering fluid is Leaking due to a problem with the Rack and Pinion bar being cracked or something. I have taken out 12 ounces of the power steering fluid with a Turkey Baster and added a 12 ounce bottle of Lucas Stop Leak power steering fluid made for old Rack and Pinion's so far the leak is going suicidal and is dripping less each time, But still may need another treatment. Can only imagine how long it has to last lol.

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What mpg are you talking about? How are you checking it? How is the car being driven?

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Miles Per Gallon. I'm not getting what the car should have anymore for the bang of the bucks. The car holds 15 gallons at most. I've had the car for awhile now and it never had this gas eating problem which only seems to be getting worse. I keep pondering is there a "LEAK" somewhere in the tank resevoir or somewhere in the fuel lines. Can only see that this may be a conclusion at most. Driving 15 miles with a full tank takes out about a quarter each and every time. Never had the problem awhile back driving 15 miles was NOTHING to that car now its Eating all the Gas for the 15 mile run I usually need to make.

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Just to follow up on this a little. This was my MAIN concern as you can see from the following Picture.

My Check Engine Light would go on and off periodically. Wasn't everyday you would see the light go on. As well as my check Gauge light has been dimming there on the right on the panel and would VERY SLOWLY go away as the car warmed up. After replacing the PCV Valve and replacing my O2 sensor I then realized I guess those lights wont be coming on anytime soon.

I found the PCV Valve to have looked Burnt out. As I shaked the piece up and down it seemed it was sticking than running freely. I also found a small crack on the PCV valve but it didn't seem to be affecting the air flow thru the valve.

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The car also from what I know hasn't had the O2 sensor replaced since I got the car at 86,000 miles. My Grandma gave me the car as a gift and I know they barely drove the car which is why the mileage was low and they never had anything changed out important such as O2 sensor, Pcv Valve, Spark Plug wires... and this for sure is going to be my next project once I figure out how the spark plug wires connect in the front of the engine the wires run underneath the engine cover in the front of the car and looks rather difficult while the back plugs are virtually the easiest to replace. I also have a cracked Valve Cover Gasket I've been driving with this problem for over 33,000 miles and yet there is little mess of oil and grime on the engine and doesn't seem to be causing problems and nor do I think it will. I don't lose any oil.

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Fill the tank. Check the mileage reading on the odometer. Run it till it's about out. Fill tank again. Subtract previous mileage reading from current one. Divide that by how many gallons you put in the car. Then post that number. Your 15 gallon tank and car wasting gas discriptions are meaningless.

If it's leaking fuel, you'll smell it even if it's just a little.

If you don't feel a misfire, the plugs and wires are doing their jobs so leave them alone.

If it's burning gas as fast as you suspect it is, there ought to be visible of black smoke following you around.

If you're going by what the gas guage says without checking, the problem could just be the gas guage. I've seen them read full for 200 miles then drop quickly to 1/4 tank, or drop quickly from full and stay at a quarter tank. If you're going to try to figure this kind of thing out on your own, you got to at least do the math for starters.

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Thanx for the reply.

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Yea I could be bugging out a little bit. It does seem as if it's taking time for the new O2 sensor to wear in a little to perform its job and yea I can see a big difference. Instead of the pressure pointing downward it's going back up to where its suppose to be at on the gauge instead of sucking it all the way down again., and the Gas that hasnt burned yet is being brought back into the system and being burned normally than being wasted. Seems my car was having a difficult time determining the air and fuel mixture and seems to be regulating normally now.

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