Help! Is this typical / acceptable?

JibbyyFebruary 22, 2014

We are in the process of a nearly whole house remodel, including two bathrooms. The wall tile was just put up in one of the baths and I wanted a second opinion if this acceptable or standard practice? I thought the standard was for tile to extend past the tub and down the side of it, but the tiler cut the tile right to the edge of the tub.

The tub is 32'' and Im almost positive when I was with the contractor we measured to 36'' when deciding how much tile I would need.

Sorry for the poor quality shots, it was dark out and the lights in the bath arent hooked up yet.

So am I over-reacting in thinking this looks bad? Can it be fixed without completely redoing the job and buying new tile?

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Detailed view of corner...

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Beautiful tile and it looks like it was done well.

How are the walls going to be treated?

Looks like an aluminum tile trim in place.

There will be a shower door right? It will be centered over the tub curb I would imagine, so the extra tile outside of the tube would be for looks only, I'd think, as the shower glass will prevent the walls from getting wet. I am going 3" beyond my shower pan at one end and somewhat more at the other end for functional reasons.

But if you wanted tile to surround the tub then you need to have this done. The sooner you get the tiles off at the ends, to extend it, the easier it will be. Thinset continues to harden as the days go by.

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Thanks for responding. We are only putting a curtain for the next few years since we have an infant and it would be difficult to bathe her with half a wall of glass in the way.

Yes, the trim is an aluminum piece and the walls will be painted. Is this now more of a functional issue in your opinion?

The tile was set sometime in the past four-five days so I hope it is not too late to fix it...

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I would want the tile around the tub for sure if I was having a curtain and a baby, toddler taking a bath in there. The water will not stay within the confines of the tile. Water will run over the top and onto the edge of the wall/tub junction. With a margin of tile it would be protected. I don't know if you could just add some tile, beyond the trip piece, if that would look ok. Then the trim piece becomes a very thin pencil trim a few inches inside of the outer tile edge.

Have you ever seen any pictures like your tile job? I don't recall. Look on Houzz and see if it is done.

Keep us posted.

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Unacceptable for a shower curtain. The corner next to the alcove is a major problem area for moisture from water getting past the edges of the curtain.

I recommend a shower/tub glass enclosure for the way this tile surround has been installed.

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After reading this I had to get up and see how it was done around my tub. I'm hoping to remodel soon and plan to get rid of the glass and go with a curtain (new tub and tile).

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It's not typical, but it's not "wrong" either.

It's not that big of a deal to change it. Offer to help pay for your share of this communication error.

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gmatx zone 6

I agree with both of Trebruchet's statements. Don't wait to contact your tile contractor - tomorrow would be good. Hopefully that would allow what tiles need to be removed for replacement and addition to be done more easily.

Your tile is beautiful. Do you mind sharing the type and name?

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Thanks for the responses. When I was with the GC Im 99% sure we measured for 36'' of tile (I supplied the tile) and clearly the tile stops at 32'', the width of the tub. So I wrongly just assumed the tiler would set it to the proper width. I will be having a discussion with him first thing tomorrow.

Gmatx: Thanks for the compliment. Its a marble, called "Queen Beige", we used 4 x 16 format. The link below is for 4 x 12 since I cant find the exact size. The tile looks even better in person, very bright and clean. Go to the store in person and you can usually negotiate 20% off, and its worth seeing it in person.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our tile

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Edit: double post

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Not to complicate matters, but now that you've mentioned it's marble, the edges of the new tile could be profiled and polished, eliminating the molding. Of course this will cost more, but you're going to be looking at this for a very long time.

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What do you mean "looks bad"? The pattern, color etc.
I always bought the tile out at least four inches from the tub.
You can still a border of some type.
The thinset has already dried. Any changes wont be easy.

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Sorry all, but that tile job is incomplete. The tile must extend 4-6" past the tub to prevent water getting under the baseboard and "wicking" up the drywall. If you leave it like this, in a year, you will have mold building up inside the walls at each end of that tub.

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Forgot to add, the tile must go down to the floor so that you all non-absorbent surfaces together (the wall tile, the tub, the floor tile).

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