Tomorrow is Feb! Dining Room Valentine Decor

jeannespinesJanuary 31, 2013

Worked on some Valentine decor on these cold, snowy days here in IA ...this photo was taken with the vine tree lit up last night:

I added more ornaments like the stained glass hearts to the vine tree from Christmas ~~lots of sparkles!

The table centerpc is a thrift shop plate w/one of my Boy/Girl vases added ...the silk scarf (or napkin) w/hearts was a TS find today for $1& also added some red glass hearts:

Dollbaby got a new (old) outfit I found for her a few weeks ago ...a jogging suit of sorts ...but was perfect for Val Day ... black knit-jean style pants & hearts/swirlies on the hoodie!

A view today of the buffet:


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Whoops, sorry... Photobucket is downloading slow-www for me I'll just add a couple last photos here in the 'image file to upload' option. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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...and dining room front view ... Happy February (tomorrow!) ;-) Jeanne S.

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Oh, it's all beautiful, Jeanne! That new (old) outfit for your doll baby is adorable. And I just love your decorated vine tree in every single season. I was bad and never even got around to putting all the new decor on my vine trees for xmas! :(

I'm so happy to get to February because it means there's a little less winter to face. :) We've been having a strange winter here... lots of snow and plenty of extreme cold, but we've also had two stretches of unusually warm weather in January that have melted almost all the accumulated snow each time. Luckily, yesterday was one of those days where it got to 55F and rained all day, so we'll be starting Feb. without much snow on the ground. I can't remember that ever happening before! and if that rain from yesterday had been in the form of snow I'd be griping miserably right now. LOL!

Happy February to you too!!!

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Just beautiful Jeanne!
One of my FAVORITE times when you decorate for V Day.
You know how I feel about your Vine tree and it's looking
more beautiful everytime you show it in ALL it's splender!
Great Vignette on the Buffet..Waaaaa! you have the lid to
the Independence Coffee Remember when I got that
whole set for $5 but w/o the coffee pot lid? Anyway,
love seeing yours set out so pretty. The sweet boy and girl couple
looks so cute on your table..Gives you the feeling
'Love Is In The Air'....!
Also Dollbaby looks especially adorable in her new/old
outfit..and yes perfect for V Day.
I think she's waiting so patiently to eat her Chocolate! lol
Great pics Jeanne.

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Ditto to what PM and Jane said!!!
Its all fabulous and Rosemary is gonna be jealous that Dollbaby has a V-day outfit and she doesn't! Waaah!
I'm not going to tell her, LOL
Vine tree is always super and I especially like the little white bird nestling in there!
Great job as always!


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Thank you for sharing your pictures.

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Jeanne, everytime I think DollBaby's outfits can't get any cuter, you go and prove me wrong. That is the most adorable little Valentine "jogger" ever...or would be if she could get out of that high chair. LOL.

And what a neat find in the scarf with the hearts, its perfect there.
You know how we all love seeing your vine tree decorated, and it definitely is a stand-out each Valentine's.
Everything looks so pretty!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, thank you for sharing your wonderful valentine decorations.
Your vine tree looks so festive,
I love how it looks decorated for different seasons,
Dollbaby looks so sweet dressed up for Valentine's Day.
Your boy and girl vase are perfect!

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I have to just say "ditto" to everyones comments. It all looks so pretty and your boy/girl vase is just so sweet. This is "almost" getting me in the mood to dig out a few VD items. (Probably seeing one or two more will do it. hint hint.) LOL


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Ok,'s one or two more get you in Val decor mood! LOL! Here's a heavy duty vine heart wreath I bought @local non-profit store that benefits laborers in other countries ... I wrapped some red braid around it & hung it on the backside of kitchen cupboard (across the room from the buffet)in dining room. I like it ...but would like to find some 'burlap' ribbon & maybe do some words or heart-stamping on it for the wreath.

And I printed some old valentines from a book I have ... & added to that mirrored wall hanger ... it's new a couple yrs ago & I love changing out the decor in it!

Celebrate February, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, everything is just gorgeous all decorated for
Valentines Day. Maybe I'm late jumping on here so I
didn't miss any pics. I think we all agree that your style
is the Bomb! So many pretty hearts displayed.
Like Luvs, I too am hoping after all this inspiration
I will kick it in gear and get decorating.

Dollbaby is adorable in her heart jacket. TJ will be
jealous too over that outfit.LOL I'll have to get her
dressed also. I'm sure DGD would have something w/hearts
if I asked. You know pin the back (thanks for sharing)
and it doesn't matter if it's the right size.

Side view, front view and more, enjoyed all of it.


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