Is this USED Wolf 36' rangetop Rt366 a good deal?

huangoMarch 7, 2008


- concerns about no warranty and not knowing if it's a lemon...

- can a Natural Gas WOLF rangetop be converted for propane?

I'm excited about this Wolf deal, but DH is on the fence.

A friend through a friend, etc, is selling their Wolf Rt366 (36" 6 open burners rangetop w/ red knobs) for $2000 (friend=no tax; includes shipping). So I have to decide *ASAP* before they list it on craigslist or something.

It's in very good USED condition.

I'm very fine w/ the used part (I'm strange that I don't want a brand new one because then I'll feel like I have to baby it or try to keep it wicked clean, etc).

-- The part I don't like is that there is no warranty. Will Wolf service it if we pay for the service, if needed?

-- it's a natural gas rangetop. would need to convert it to propane.

a. can it be converted?

b. WHO would be able to do that for me? My plumber (who also does gas)?



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Is there any way to test it or see it in operation first? Has it already been unistalled?

There shouldn't be any issues with getting service, and one of the good things about a gas cooktop or range top is that the parts are pretty simple and straighforward mechanics. They have much less to go wrong and have to be replaced than something like ovens with electronic control panels and sensoors.

I'm not sure, but I think all you might need to do is change out the regulator for a propane one. I am not certain, but I think I have a vague recollection of having to buy that in addition to the cooktop, and I'm thinking it was $65 or $85. You could easily call Wolf/Subzero and ask them (800.332.9513). Yes, if I am right about just changing the regulator out, it would be the plumber who installs it who would do that as part of the installation.

How old is the rangetop? Are there any accessories being sold with it? I'm not sure that is a great price for a used rangetop, but would depend on age and other factors.

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When pricing a used item for sale, the rule of thumb is generally 50% of current retail. Wear and tear, item obsolescence, etc. will take even more off that price.

If the RT366 is going for ~$3000 new, well...

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You will have to have to replace all the burner jets/orifices (2 per burner) and the regulator. Call Wolf about whether or not this can be done in the field. They build the unit in the factory for either NG or propane and do not supply field conversion kits with the unit like most ranges. The purported reason for this is that the same BTU performance is available for NG or propane; most ranges converted in the field lose power going to propane since the burners are usually optimized for NG. This implies that Wolf manufactures different versions of some pieces depending on gas type and pieces other than the orifices and regulator may be involved in a conversion and could turn out to be a major ($$) rebuild. Seems I read somewhere that you couldn't convert them in the field. Call Wolf to be sure.

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THANK YOU so much for your quick responses.

I forgot to add that I got 2 quotes for a brand new one:
- local = $2900 delivered
- online = $2925 before shipping/etc

Thanks, I will call Wolf directly (lascatx: thanks for the number) about the conversion to propane.
There's an online store that sells conversion kits, but it said to contact the store for more info.

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Yes, the Wolf can be converted. I bought a new open box LP unit from an appliance store with the parts to convert it included. The store will come out and install it & do the conversion to NG later, after my kitchen gets remodeled.

As far as it being a lemon...there just is not much, if anything, to go wrong with an open burner rangetop...even less so because the one you're considering is all burners (no grill or griddle w/ a thermostat, etc.)

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