97 Acura pulls to right and left

cjheckJuly 15, 2005

I just purchased a 97 Acura. I had the car checked and everything was fine. I drove the car but at a low speed and din't notice any steering problems. The alignment check out to ok and the tech told it is in the braking system. When I brought the car, seller informed me he just had new brakes and rotors installed. The car pulls mainly to the left when I apply the breakes and sometimes to the right. Appreciate any assistance.

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It is time to , much more carefully ,redo everything..
There may well be some worn out suspension components, but I would redo the pads and examine the rotors.
Even the calipers may need rebuilding...

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You might try to see if it has to do with all the problems that the car has to offer in the long run. If possible, you might just get things straight and clear in order to have a good thing for your vehicle.

Here is a link that might be useful: acura recalls

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