my new bluestar range.

KENWORTH1March 7, 2013

So happy happy joy isthe scoop after a week with my new bluestar.

1, the small oven didnt work, I saw a wire off after shipping and presto! Worked great.
2, the side stainless rails are both bent, and ill have to fight to have replaced will be my guess. No big deal. I love a good fight.
3, the small oven door didnt close quite right,....ill have the repir man fix it, and hes more than willing to collect some warrenty money.
4, I go to use the big oven figuring it was ok,....looked good, closed good,.?? Got me some wings to it warm,,,,,went to open the door and you should have seen some fast moving when the door came off those junk hinge locks.....looks to me like the couldnt spare the extra 1/4" of rod to make sure they @#$%&''n stay in place. This leads to my beautiful tile floor scratched to @#$%, and my lower kick plate scratched as well....

Week one.?????...... wolf was the other option, hope I didnt make a mistake. This company will be graded by how it looks after me at this point in time. They step up, ill post that too.....hope they do.

Been told this is where this goes and not in the kitchen section....

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The first thing I'd do is a major edit of your post before it's brought to their attention - which in all likelihood it will be. Publicly bashing the company and product before even attempting to amicably resolve the issue would not be my strategy, but hey that's just me. I certainly sympathize though - good luck.

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I am in no way bashing the company inmo, what has happened are simply facts, and what I believe will happen. how they are resolved , will also be posted as well, simple as that. I am hoping that the cust service is a step above the rest. In no way am I going to bash a company that has not had the opportunity to repair/replace the issues at hand. I am not a internet soap boxer who is looking for attention.

. I did a lot of research and looking before this purchase, and am hoping that all the praise I see from this company is legit. customer service is what builds a business.

do I like my stove?, I annoyed by the proceeding issues?, yes......Am i hoping to post a full success story...yes......Am I going to post praise where it is due?,....yes. Do I hope the rep's become involved?. They will today.

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Sounds to me as though your unit was mis-handled in shipping.
I'd try contacting Bluestar as well as your appliance dealer and ask for a replacement.

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Sometimes you increase your chance of getting attention by posting here.

Agree with willtv and I wouldn't use the range until it is replaced in case a line is cracked. If this much is damaged no telling what else is internally.

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I have called my local dealer where I got it,....they are on the case front and center.....and will let me know when they have answers....they have only sold one other unit from them and are eager to see what happens as well.....there is a lot riding on this for sure....

Again I'm not looking to bash, only to show what kind of service one could expect from them......

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A solid answer has been given, the company even knew at what time the stove was built. It would seem on the swing door units that if a slight upwards motion is given when you open the doors it causes it to fall off. A new replacement door with the hinges welded in place will be shipped asap! And I believe my damaged toe kick will also be sent. They want to look at the side rails, and I don't blame them, before making a judgment on them. No argument, no fuss, no monkey tap dancing..... killer service,...they want to make it right.... and right away. They are aware there is an issue with these units built last fall....

There is a issue with there paint bay right now they are having fixed, but will give me a delivery date asap.

This is the kind of service that makes a good company a great company.

I'll keep y'all posted as it play's out

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As promiced an update...... I got my new doors installed yesterday...was happy to have an oven again, ran right to the stove for inspection.....looks great, till you close the door and the glass in the outer door skin rattles. A closer inspection has revealed that the glass has not been installed into the door properly. I am curious how this can be fixed now, seeing as you cannot just unscrew the door and bend the tabs, because they weld the rod in the door now. Call the repairman again......but im not going to let him take this door off till a new one is in my hands.

He also replaced the stainless side rails, and ya, better than. The last ones,.... but still gonna complain but, have a feeling they are as good its going to get.

I also had the grate replaced as it was cracked for the grill.....seen that after it got warm.....Put a warm fuzzy smile on my face

All and all great unit to cook on, havent had a chance to use the far this unit has my brother killing himself laughing.... I told him to buy wolf for his place and has had ZERO issues with his stove. Tells me I should have taken my own advice....i keep telling, my self that once the bugs are out, it will be a great unit.

Ill keep posting as it unfolds.

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I don't think that is bashing, it is just providing folks here with the info on how the stove arrived!

It does none of us a "servic"e when folks "keep mum" about problems.

Couple of examples.
(1) The low temp problem with the Miele ovens.
There were no posts here in GW about the problem, but
one could read posts on Chowhound, Retrevo, Fixya , etc
etc about the problem.
Then Baver posts about the problem with hers, and
"all of a sudden", up pops 3 or more posts with the
same oven problem.

(2) Wolf oven porcelain chipping, same as above example and
" as I recall", nothing posted until Rhome did, and then
came along several more posts with the same problem.

If folks post, such as this OP did, then at least it gives us a "heads UP"
that maybe we should do a little more investigating
before making our "Final appliance Decision", Ya Thinks?

Nobody got on the guys case that posted about the NXR shipping damage, that I recalls, Even Nunya didn't.

Lets treat all appliance problems the same and not "Reserve" Mum's the word" for "Premium Appliances!!!!! Let's just
"Tell it Like it is" for any appliance!

Thanks again for the post Kenworth1, love the name and the Truck TOO!


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What kind of bluestar did you have? Was it the one with French doors for the oven?

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Yup.....48" with the french door option....

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Forgot to mention...... the small oven dial reads 475, at full open instead of 500 ....might be the wrong dial for the small stove. The repair man figures its a printing error, but will also be looking into that.

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Why in the world would it be considered unacceptable or bashing for someone to report his true experience (disappointing though it sounds) with a mega buck appliance? If I had had this experience, I probably wouldn't have been as generous with the company as this poster has been.

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I agree guys....and my situation is legit. I hope bluestar does see this log, and I hope they are far enough up on the pole to look into all this and if need be, by all means they can contact me.........they have all my info.

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"guys case that posted about the NXR shipping damage"

If its me, er, ah... guy? Not so much. ;)

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I didn't see it as bashing Blue Star - just reporting the facts . The tone wasn't snarky or whinging about nothing! These are major flaws that need to be addressed PRONTO and well. It is a very expensive piece of metal and the customer service needs to reflect that it is worth being taken care of. I am looking at the Blue Star 48" all gas double oven with the 24' French Cooktop and had the French doors idea as well.
Last had my kitchen updated 24 yrs. ago. I have GE wall ovens that have an actual measurement of 15.5" wide! A cooktop with 3 burners all 9500kBTU's. Our remodel will enlarge our kitchen from a galley with a mere 4' between wall ovens and cooktop. Two people in the kitchen cooking takes dance steps!
I really appreciate people who take the time and effort to write in about their experiences. it really, really is helpful - as long as it is honest of course and not a troll rep. I would like to see more service peeps write about their experiences too.
I hope you get your BS up to star status. I am rooting for you!

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New update.... my new door was installed and upon inspection. The glass in the door rattles and is loose. I can see the tabs that hold the glass in place are not bent properly in place. I called back to the repair shop, and they were not suprised to hear from me. The new door is welded on the pin, and you cannot get it apart to repair it.....not the best idea they have had. I am now waiting to hear what they want to do.

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Well.....I'm told a new door is on order and will be a couple weeks, I hope they get this one right and I can become happy happy happy....

Side note, bought a full 18" wok and those big burners cook great!

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well,'s been a while to update on this appliance. I ended up fixing the door myself after several attempts from the factory to get a door that didn't have loose glass,....but sometimes that is just what a person has to do I guess.....

In the time I've had it, and cooked on it a lot,....the wife is a chef after all....and I like to cook....I would give this unit a solid B rating. the oven makes a solid thunk when heating and cooling which amuses me...the top end is built like a tank with all the cast wich we love... the side stainless top panels issue being not perfectly square to oven sides only annoys me now when I remember, The built in bbq grill has been deemed a joke, it should have been like the broiler from day 1, like the WOLF unit's. I hear there is going to be an update, and retrofit kit available ..I hope I can actually use it for more than lamb chops. ( the heat distrabution is beyond bad, due to the height restrictions in this location imho. ) The latest issue is the lower kick panel likes to discolor from what,....we have not figured out...obviously from spilled food,...but neither of us will admit to doing it, because it's a nightmare to clean without damaging the painted surface, if anyone has the secret to keeping this clean, have 100 % of my undivided attention, lol.....because i'm thinking of ordering it in stainless.

Bluestar has not asked for any parts back, or given me any grief when I've cried for warranty, in fact they have been more than willing to make it right, as has been my dealer, who is watching me real close, knowing that with us it's not just a yuppy prop tool,...he knows we cook a lot.

So, the real question at this point in the game is would I buy another one, after using it this long?.....probably would, if they changed the grill, figured out how to make a door that don't rattle, and made the lower kick panel out of something I could take a real scrub brush to without destroying the finish, and improved their quality control on their finished product,( RE : the stainless side panels not being fitted properly ), after all if this was a car... " would you drive it? " is how I always look at things.

now on to the bluestar overhead hood, I have the 1200 cfm unit, to match the stove, the grates is as easy as pulling them out and hitting the dishwasher,...the inside? well,...I think it's easy because the wife does it! hahaha! I'll give it a " A ",....the reason it don't get A+, is the lights should be LED's at that price point, and it didn't come with a house elf to clean inside it. lol.

The one year honeymoon is complete, she's going to start to earn her keep in this house ...hahaha, hope this year in review helps for those who want a un-bias, real deal kind of review.

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Nice update, Kenworth. If you hear any more about an available retrofit for the grill, please let us know. I would really be interested. While I don't think the grill is a joke, it does pale in comparison to the awesome front burners. I use the grill for chicken breasts and shrimp, which don't benefit from a screaming hot grill. Steak works just ok but only so long as I preheat for a really long time. In truth though, now that I can set my round bottom wok right in the fire and heat up a cast iron skillet with the 22K burners, the grill has become less of a novelty and more of an afterthought. With more power, I might start using it more.

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Kenworth1 writes:

" the side stainless top panels issue being not perfectly square to oven sides only annoys me now when I remember,"


My left top rail wasn't quite square, so I took a look and sure 'nuff, a piece of sheet metal prevented it from properly resting in its place.

Tweaked the corner a tad and it settled right into place. : )

This post was edited by tinyhomebuilder on Thu, May 29, 14 at 11:02

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>> I hear there is going to be an update, and retrofit kit available .

Where did you hear this? Was it a credible source? An infrared grill would be soooooo awesome.

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my dealer told me about this update as it was available in the newest one he ordered,.....he's going to get back to me ...

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...and I 100% agree, would make something virtually useless, into something dealer was going to look into it further, just in case he heard it wrong,

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I personally wouldn't call it useless. If I preheat it for a good 20 mins I can get a *decent* sear even on my 2" thick steaks. Not restaurant quality sear but a sear as good as I get with my outdoor grill. What I have been doing however is heating g my griddle up to 550 and slapping the steak on there for 2 mins a side to give me a good sear then switching over to the grill to give it that grilled taste and cross hatched sear lines.

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IMHO, ...when you hit 10k + for a stove...that grill should be pro grade. You cannot even get a hot dog to cook evenly across it....steak goes to the, BIG GREEN EGG.

build a better grill.....oh wait they have it, in the oven....put it in the grill too, then they got something worth spending you money on.....IMHO....the new platinum series has bumped it from our joke to 50k worth of heat, that might make things a whole lot better,.....but I still think it should be that rocking broiler in the grill too.....

end of the day, my 2 cents are worth nothing,

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