Rear License Plate Holder

acepsu94July 3, 2007

The bolt on my rear plates rusted and removed using a bolt remover. Ripped the head of the bolt but the threads are still stuck inside. Tried drilling with a smaller bit but I broke a bit trying to drill out the threads. Any body have any suggestions in how to install a new hole in the rear decklid of a minivan?

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All kinds of suggestions depending on what you've got and how much you want to fool with it.

If it uses a bracket, replace it. If it mounts directly to the sheet metal, you may be able to open the door, remove the trim, and grab the frozen screw with pliers or something and turn it out from the inside. If you just want to work from the outside, drill a bigger hole and use a bigger screw. If the hole is to big that way, install an anchor. They make them that fit in the hole, turn a cap screw in the anchor down tight and it grabs from the back side. That leaves you a threaded hole. Maybe you can just move the license plate 1/4" to the left or right, higher or lower, and drill a couple different holes.

There's a few ideas.

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Not sure if it would work, but I think you can buy some kind of special bit that removes broken off bolts. Check with Home depot or similar hardware store. Probably need to spray the rusted bolt with WD40 or similar lubricant to loosen it up enough to get it out.

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