MAF suspect

joe_mnJuly 1, 2011

99 grand prix. maf died last year. got used one. car died a few days ago at store. kids car. went to check it out and it started fine. told kid about unplugging sensor as a test. car died yesterday. kid called. said they unplugged it. but than plugged it back in. did not mention the last part. car would not start. killed battery. got a jump from friend. car started. friend left. car died. battery is still dead. maf is still plugged in. i am 1hr away. got my jumper cables and headed out. kid called back. friend came back. unplugged maf. car started and ran fine. kid went to their house. what a comedy of errors. now, pay $125 for new maf sensor.

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got another maf. car runs fine now. yes, it is plugged in. we will wait to see if any other issues or stalling show up.

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