Jeanne's surgery

Marlene KindredJanuary 16, 2014

Hi All~

I'm assuming that most, if not all of you, are on Jeanne's Caring Bridge site, but if not, she is out of surgery. It was almost 5 hours long! They removed a number of tumors and the doctor thinks they were able to get almost all, if not all, of the cancerous tumors. Praise God! She will be in the hospital for 7-10 days, so please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.


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I have been so worried today about the surgery, and like you Marlene....waiting and watching for Caring Bridge update. What a long, involved surgery and I'm sure the recovery will be pretty difficult. But one step at a time and today's news was pretty good. Keep those prayers coming for our beloved Jeanne.

For those not on the site, here's what her daughter posted

"Mom was in surgery for just short of 5 hours today. We just met with the doctor and wanted to update you all.

First of all, Dr. Bender reported that he was able to get all of the visible tumors and spots!!!! That is good news!!! The surgery took longer than expected but they also got more "out" than expected!

They made a vertical incision that was longer than they first planned so that they could see better and get to all the "spots". They removed the spleen, the omentum (fatty layer in the abdomen), 3 tumors in the liver, 1 in kidney, and 1 on a major blood vessel in the abdomen. They also did a complete hysterectomy. (There might be more that we are forgetting but that is the major stuff.)

The doctor said he cannot say for sure how long she will be here but he is thinking along the lines of 7-10 days. Right now Dad, Barb, Brian, Aunt Dixie (mom's sister) and Brenna (me) are here to support mom and get her through the next few rough days.

Thanks for your notes, emails, texts,--- you're prayers are MUCH appreciated God bless you all!!!

Jeanne's family

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Marlene. ..
I was on her Caring Bridge a few minutes after you.
I kept looking at the time throughout the day..and like
Karen, she was on my mind all day.
I was so thankful to hear all went considerably well...
There's still a rough road ahead, but thank God she has a very
Loving supportive family.
Thanks ladies for posting this information for our friends who are not
on her Caring Bridge.

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Not that anyone here needs to be told just how special our Jeanne is, but I have to let you know what an amazing thing she did. Obviously during the days leading up to this major surgery, her thoughts and worries must've been over the top with all the stress.....yet that didn't stop her from doing something extremely special for me! I was practically pacing the floor between checking for updates this afternoon when the door bell rang, the postman with a box from Jeanne. What timing huh?!!! It was full of all kinds of special little surprises that had me smiling and also in tears. She is the most caring, gentle, beautiful soul and I love her dearly.

The one treasure that stood out was a small handcrafted wood buggy and horse her husband had made many years ago she said in her note!! Its to put on Teagan's tray, with a couple of other things she sent. I've long admired all the neat stuff Larry makes, and now I've got something special. And it means the world to me. I'll take photos of the things she sent soon.

I can't even thank her right now, tho I'm sure she sort of planned it that way. But there really aren't words to thank her for being such an amazing friend in my life for all these years.

Now if I can just stop getting teary for a bit....
hugs, Karen

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How touching Karen to receive those little treasures from
Jeanne...and especially today.
We always knew she was special, but what a caring soul
as well .
Besides your tears, this made my heart swell knowing she stopped to
consider sending them to you.

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Marlene, thank you sooo much for posting this! I tried to post on her CB site and it froze and was never able to send hugs and prayers to Jeanne and her family today. I'm not smart enough to think of posting here.

Karen, your so right about Jeanne being a caring person.(So are alot of the rest of you on here) I'm sure she's smiling now knowing you've received it by now. How sweet knowing you love horses and are one of her biggest fans on what her and Larry make.

I can only begin to imagine your thoughts when the package arrived and you seen it was from our df Jeanne on her surgery day. Then after opening it, way more special than you imagined!

She's probably been concerned about you lately. I know I have been. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Hope you know I care! It's so hard to see anyone of our Holiday family hurting. I've loved how positive and caring Jeanne has stayed through all she's been going through.

Jane, your another one who's always thinking of others. Hope your not holding out on anything going on with you. You know we care gf.

Sending loads of prayers and hugs to our Dear Jeanne. Hope her recovery time is shorter than planned. So happy knowing she has a wonderful family and so many friends to help her through this.


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Marlene, thank you for posting about Jeanne's surgery..
The next few weeks will be difficult. I'm so glad she has her loving caring family with her.
It was so thoughtful of her so send you a box of treasures, Karen you must be overwhelmed.
My thoughts hugs and prayers are with you Jeanne.

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I'm relatively new here and not here all that often, so I really appreciate the update. I knew from reading earlier posts that Jeanne is fighting cancer, but not the details. I will keep her in my T's and P's.

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Today's update on Jeanne not so good.....pray hard they find what is wrong. At least its not the problem that nearly killed her years ago when she was hospitalized for 2 months. (before I met her) All that is on her Caring Bridge beginning by the way.
But today, her daughter posted

.Well, things haven't gone exactly as planned for Mom her first day after surgery.

She is having difficulty keeping her oxygen levels up to an acceptable level, which led to a suspicion of having a blood clot in her lungs.

Many doctors from various departments have been with her today to try and help. She has had a chest x-ray and a VQ scan to check on the clot and the vessels. Both of those came back fine. No blood clot. Good news!

She also had an EKG to check out her heart, but have not heard back yet.

Overall, the doctors remain concerned about her oxygen level, but DO NOT feel it is related to her Capillary Leak Syndrome. As a precaution, Mom is being moved to the ICU so she can be observed more closely.

That is all of the news we have as of 3:45 pm today. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. She truly appreciates all of it. (and we do, too!)

Jeanne's Family

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I don't mind copying the updates on here at all, but here's the link if any of you want it too.
hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeanne's journal on Caring Bridge

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I read this right after it was posted Karen....and my heart
sank thinking - she doesn't need this added complication while in a
weakened condition..or any condition for that matter.
I'm sure this has to be so unsettling for Jeanne and her family.
I pray they can resolve this quickly so she can start to heal.
Thanks Karen for keeping all others here updated.

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Adding my Thoughts and Prayers to the rest!!

So sorry to hear there are complications.
Wishing healing blessings for her and her family.

Karen, thanks for keeping us posted.


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Karen, thanks for keeping us updated.
I'm so sorry to learn of this complication.
I hope there is better news today.
Jeanne and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I haven't been on the forum lately, so this is all news to me. I was warned by my surgeon to keep off the internet (cancer-wise) for a while, as it might add to my stress.
At any rate, here's yet another bit of information about how caring Jeanne is:

Last week I received a card and an "angel feather" with a little poem from Jeanne. Yesterday, I just got around to sending her a thank you! Oh, my. I feel terrible now. My time has been so easy compared to hers. Just doesn't seem right that one so kind and thoughtful should have to endure what she has had to endure. I pray daily for her speedy recovery.

I will continue to check back here each day. This is such a great place to find genuine love.

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Thanks so much for Jeannes cb link, Karen. I sent more prayers to her and her family. My home computer is not working but I'm able to use my tablet w/wi fi.

Marlene, it was comforting to here you also had oxygen levels issues after your sugery and all turned out well. Pray that Jeanne will b that lucky too.

OA, that was so sweet of Jeanne to send an angel feather to you. Wonderful gift from one angel to another!Love it

Will b checking back on our DF.

Take care and stay safe & warm, all of you. Punk

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After reading Sat. 'good news-bad news' and that Jeanne was in a lot of pain, I was most anxious for Sunday's report. When there was none, I found that pretty scary. But tonight a new post. Still the good news-bad news, and too much pain. I just hate this so much. Here's the post if you didn't check already....

Days 3 and 4- Post Surgery
Written 2 hours ago

Good Things:
*Minimal swelling in her extremities
*NG tube out (later replaced due to feeling nauseas- hope it is removed in the next day or so)
*Kidneys are functioning well-doesn't need kidney team any more
*Dangled legs over edge of the bed and sat in recliner chair yesterday and today
*Immunology team feels confident that her swelling is not the effect of capillary leak syndrome at this time
*Doctors and nurses have been WONDERFUL!!!
*We are now staying at the Rossi House located inside the U of I Hospital and feel lucky to get to stay so close to Mom.

Working on:
*Getting lungs working better, trying some lung exercises
*Resting/Sleeping for longer periods
*Pain control
*Regulating medications that are causing confusion
*Getting out of ICU
*Getting up and walking in the hallway are not forgotten in my prayers by any means. I know you're also going thru a difficult time and I hope you will give updates also. Have you started the chemo or still healing from the surgery before doing so?
Please know you are in my thoughts daily as well as Jeanne is. (so sweet of her to send you that Angel Feather.)
Much love to both Jeanne and you, you're part of our little family here and very important to us.
hugs, Karen

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I have been watching and waiting and just checked the journal to see the post from Thursday night saying that Jeanne has finally shown a major improvement! yay!!!! So happy for her and her family!

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I saw that entry from Thursday too. I was so glad to see that she is improving.

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Latest Caring Bridge post.
Jeanne may be discharged from the hospital Tomorrow.
Crossing my fingers!!

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Nana...I went to sign in on Jeanne's Caring Bridge and saw your post...
Isn't it wonderful to hear that Jeanne is back home?
Hopefully she and Larry can Both get some much deserved rest and that
she will heal quickly.

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Oh my gosh, Holiday-ers .... I am so blessed w/all of you sending me your good thoughts & prayers. I am home ...if you haven't seen the updated Caring Bridge ...& I am doing better each day. I've been home since Sun even ... this is certainly a roller-coaster ride (& I haven't ridden a roller coaster for many yrs) ...but ...I can attest to the fact that FAITH, FAMILY & FRIENDS can carry you through the worst of times.

So, thank you, dear Holiday friends ~~ hopefully I will be back posting in a month or so. I have chemo ahead again but maybe after some more chemo, I may be able to say I am once again 'cancer-free.' ~~hugs

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Jeanne - so glad to hear that you are home and healing! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you move towards being 'cancer-free'!

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