Chevy Trailblazer (5 pass) cargo

photobobJuly 13, 2005

I'm going to rent a car for an upcoming trip (1000 mi. r/t) and I'll be carrying a bunch of stuff up and more back. The return trip will include a compact but awkward workbench that's 60" long. Overall 36Wx24Hx60D when lying on it's side, doesn't knock down.

I'm certain I can fit this into a Dodge Caravan, but I can save a nice chunk of change with a Chevy trailblazer. It should fit, but I'm a little concerned that the 60" length might not make it (rear seats down, tail door closed).

I'd appreciate comments from anyone familiar with the Trailblazer about whether or not it can carry this item.

Thanks in advance.

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Bump down

Made the long trek across town with a tape measure to a chevy dealer and got the answer.

Thanks anyhoo...

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With the price of gas you might consider just buying or building a work bench locally.You could get a top notch model with the gas savings?

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At auction, I was able to buy some fairly nice workbenches for 0.35 cents ! Transported them with the VW Diesel pickup.

Sill, Diesel mileage or not, Johndeere has a good point..

BTW, despite the rather large size of this Chevrolet SUV, I'll bet the bench did not fit...

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