Van weight question.

john_nyJuly 31, 2006

I have a 2000 Ford E250 van. The weight, on the registration, is listed as 4360. The sticker, in the door frame, says GVWR is 8600. I want to pick up a pallet of coir chips (for growing orchids). The supplier says it weighs about 1500 lbs. Would I be able to do this?

Thanks for any insight.


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Yes. You may legally carry 8600 less 4360 = 4240. This is roughly 2120 on the front and rear axles each. BUT!!!!!

You have to position it so it doesn't overload the rear axle. That can only be checked with a drive-on scale. Not too convenient.

1500#'s --just push it forward in the van far as you easily can.

After that pull your hat down over your ears, drive like a farmer and don't look back.

M. Plx, Master Truck Loader

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Thanks for the help. When I looked at the sticker again, I noticed it also had the axle weights (GAWR) listed. They are 3700 for the front, and 5120 for the rear, so I guess it should be able to handle a 1500# load.

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When you get it all loaded up, and onto the road, notice how it rides. You may find that the vehicle bounces less, and is more stable. The suspension springs were designed to be loaded, and driving around empty does not make for an optimum smooth ride.

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The 1500 pounds is very roughly a half load..
Inflate the tires to accommodate this, and tie down the load as securely as possible.. this task is a piece of cake for your Ford..

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