engine gets warm and car spits, sputters and quits

NotchoMammyJuly 10, 2005

95 dodge Neon , Seems as the engine gets hot it spits, sputters and the quits, we pull over and let it sit for maybe 2-3 minutes , start it up and away we go , till engine gets warm , then it happens all over again

pulled over 10 times just going about 10 -15 miles

Temp gauges doesn't say anything is running hot , just the best way i can describe the trouble i'm having ...any ideas?

Thanks so much


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If it was 10-20 years older I'd say it's the fuel pump. I'm sure if you took it to a shop they'd have it nailed down right away. For best results bring it to them while it's malfunctioning so they can see what it does right away.

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It may be an ignition problem. Take it to a good diagnostics shop. They should be able to find the cause since it is repeatable.

Have you read any of the trouble codes? These can give clues.

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Its 1995 there is no codes you can get from it

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Still may be a fuel pump - they heat up, the motor stops, the car follows suit.
After a time, it cools down and functions again.
Best to have the diagnostics done...

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I'm pretty sure that you can get codes from a 1995 Neon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge Computer Codes

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I had a similar situation with a VW Rabbit years ago. It turned out to be a wiring situation where the insulation had worn away. When the engine got hot, the wire would get more flexible, and then would lay down on the engine, causing it to short out. As soon as the engine cooled enough, the wire would contract away from the engine and it would run again.

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origanly had a cam sensor code , changed that then it happened again so i tryed another sensor worked for a short time and happened again this time with a high temp code. I then found that the radaitor was leaking and put in a new hose and a new radaitor. Now I have no codes but still doing the same thing .The engine also smokes when this happens.the car is an older car and has 145,000 miles on it .

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i would say you have a bad head gasket i had the same thing happen with my 95 neon they are known for the head gaskets giving out around that mileage

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