Where to find a nice but reasonably priced vanity?

jockewingFebruary 9, 2013

I am thinking about doing a very simple remodel of my rather small master bathroom. There is no need to move any of the locations of the plumbing fixtures. I basically just want to update the finishes, primarily the vanity, which is currently a builder-grade white thermofoil cabinet with cheapo cultured marble top that is starting to chip and stain.

The current vanity is about 54 inches and single sink. I live by myself so single is fine and the bathroom really isn't big enough for a double (also cuts down on the price since you only have to buy one set of faucets!). I want to go with something very classic that won't end up looking dated. I prefer very simple style doors without a lot of embellishment or all kinds of raised panels. I really crave the Carrara top but wonder about durability? Is marble as fragile in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen? I do want something that looks quality but I would like to try to get something for under or not much over a thousand if that's possible. I love the look of the pedestal-styles, but I need the drawers/cabinets for storage. I really would like a style where you really can't see the cabinet box (where the two doors physically meet) as I think the style I have now where there is a big gap between the doors looks cheap. For reference, I do like some of Pottery Barn's styles, but I have a feeling you can get something of comparable quality without the Pottery Barn name markup.

Anybody have some decent brands you can recommend? I have no idea where to even start!

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You can special order from all the cabinet lines Lowe's and Home Depot carries for around $1000 and pick your finishes and door style. Both of the stores in my area have a Kraftmaid vanity on display. Kraftmaid has several nice styling packages with side trims and footed valances. Schuler at Lowe's has had pretty good reviews on GW for their kitchen cabinets. You can get plywood boxes, full-extension and soft close drawers, dovetailed drawers, etc.

This just seems the simplest route for me without traveling all around tracking down different independent cabinet lines or ordering online and not being sure of the quality.

Oh, and you can order a counter with the Kraftmaid vanity. Not marble though.

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Check out the Wayfair website for some deals. Other than that, go to the big box stores--they have some ready to take home vanities that may just fit the bill for you design and cost-wise. Don't forget to also check out any area cabinet makers--often they will have some ready made and available to take home immediately with better quality and pricing than even the big box stores.

Stay away from particle board and since you already know you don't like it, stay away from Thermofoil too.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Wayfair Website-BAthroom Vanities

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54" is not an off the shelf size. You can do a 30" vanity and a 24" drawer stack. There are several configurations possible, but you need to figure out where the center of your plumbing is located so that it can line up properly and still have your accessory cabinet work.

Any semi custom or even some stock cabinet lines from anywhere can do this for you. And, there is nothing wrong with choosing a well constructed furniture board vanity. It will give you decades of use. Or, there's nothing wrong with choosing plywood either. They are both valid choices. Neither is more durable than the other in case of a leaky faucet or other water flood. Plywood will delaminate and furniture board will swell. If you have enough water to damage one, the other will also be damaged as well.

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This may not be the style you're looking for, but I thought I'd share. We just finished building - this is in our guest bath. It's from Lowes. Vanity (including white marble top and undermount sink) = $598. AMAZING price. GREAT quality. 8 drawers with super smooth metal glides. Very furniture-like with totally finished raised-panel ends (which is why I realize it might not be your style).

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After weeks of looking and recovering from the sticker shock in the plumbing stores I finally went on line and ordered one. Some of the vanities I saw in the shops ranged from $2000 to over $5000 for a 36 in vanity! I'm only a poor hard working Civil Engineer and I'm not paying thousands for a @#$%# vanity! You could also try Costco or maybe Sams Club.

I finally ordered this one.


It's not actually American oak it's made from parawood or rubberwood which turns out to be an excellent wood choice for a bathroom. See http://www.ehow.com/about_5098656_rubberwood-furniture.html

The vanity is very well made, has excellent cabinet hardware, and comes with everything including the faucet and p-trap. The mirror and and the side cabinet are included. Fresca does have other styles and colors.

By the way here is something interesting. Over the space of two weeks I kept going back to different sites looking at vanities. By doing so the the price dropped from $900 to $760.00 for the one I bought.

Be careful of anything less than $500. Most of it is particle board or is cheaply made. Check to see if the doors and drawers are square and how well the drawers close.

Good luck.

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Dash, what is the name/brand of your vanity.

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@tuesday - it's allen+roth 45" espresso vanity at Lowes

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I just did a small 5x7 bathroom renovation last week.
The vanities I saw at the big box stores were pretty but all had MDF which I was dead against.

I had an odd size 33-inch vanity to replace. I ended up at DIY Cabinet Outlet and bought that size for $238. It has plywood, not MDF sides and back, and maple fronts with Shaker style doors.

Because of the non standard size I couldn't find a top I liked at the big box stores. I was able to go to local stone and granite place and had the man show me the remnants. I was able to get a white quartz remnant fabricated for the vanity top.

DIY Cabinet Outlet is a big drafty warehouse which stocks strictly with kitchen and bath cabinetry, nothing else. There are people to answer questions and load your purchase but otherwise its a no-frills place.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Cabinet Outlet

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