99 Plymouth Neon PCM Problem?

kennycat_2008July 30, 2008

I saw that there is a recall for 95 neons because moisture was seeping into the PCM and causing problems. I'm wondering if that is my problem. My speedometer flies up and down when I drive in the early morning or during rain. Then one day all of the gauges dropped then went back to their appropriate positions. Then this morning, my temperature gauge suddenly excelerated through the roof and a bell went off. I pulled over, checked the engine and it wasn't even hot! I started the car and the temperature gauge went back to normal. If it's the PCM, can I just buy one from ebay?

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the first thing you do is call your dealer, give them your vin number and see if yours is involved in the recall. i dought it. the second thing you do it take it to a shop that knows what they are doing and have them check it. If you want to spend money on ebay before you have anything checked i'll send you my address and you can send the money to me instead.

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