Induction 24in or 30inch

davidro1March 17, 2012

Induction 24" or 30".

It makes more sense to get the Ikea induction cooktop. At any given time you are able to use the unused portion of the cooktop as counter space. This is what I would do if I had to do it all over again.

Our 24" induction cooktop straddles two base cabinets. This lets us open either drawer underneath while we remain standing at the cooktop. Very practical.

Responding to a mom05 who wrote me:

> we are considering getting a 24 inch vs 30 inch (brand name removed) induction cooktop in our 8 ft kitchen island ...not save prep space ...

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In many ways this is reasonable logic as induction is flat (like a countertop) and is I suppose a good spot to put a spoon rest etc. I had asked the same question and based on this advice, decided that a 36" induction cooktop was too good deal to pass up as extra inches can play double role as prep surface and cooking surface. The only consideration... Ventilation. I needed to size up the hood to span the wider cooking surface.. This does add cost and I had to also reduce the upper cabinet space. Just something to consider. There did not seem to be 24"induction.. Which would have been a good size for me. It was too complicated to import it from outside US AND get insurance approval etc.(like Plllog was able to do).


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Fedex from Britain is $150 or less for 33lbs. on a zoneless AEG. The unit itself is also less expensive. Its CE certification includes US 60HZ. There is no import duty. Vat is not charged. AEG has a 28" model also. The front to back measurement of either unit and of a 24" unit is more of a limiting factor at 21".
This double oven induction top AEG cooker is 24" wide, but not yet offered zoneless. Shipping would be a bit more of a challenge but the complete unit works out to be $1400.

Here is a link that might be useful: AEG 49332I-MN

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Miele and AEG have 24" models too, and they are available in Canada. The email I received from mom05 was for her in Ontario (Canada).

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I didn't see a reason to go smaller on induction - I can just put a towel and cutting board down and use the area for prep before cooking. If I need a large area for cooking several times a year - I am ready!!
3 weeks to appliance install - 36 inch wolf induction!

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