KitchenAid dishwasher - dirty glasses

marleycat25March 28, 2013

Just replaced my 5 yr old Frigidaire dishwasher with a KUDS35FXSS kitchenAid..all the bells and whistles fully's a beauty ..only reason for change was switched to stainless.. My old dishwasher worked great. Here's the dilemma ! This dishwasher does not clean well. It is super quiet, but silverware and glasses look awful. Called KitchenAid ..suggested running the hot water before starting, defeats the delay, use less soap and to use the hot scrub setting. Still have residue on wine glasses. Have to wash them all after taking them out. HELP.. Yes I am using liquid rinse aid.. I want my old dishwasher back... I am all for energy saving but not at the expense of clean dishes... Btw the cycle takes forever!

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What detergent are you using? Since they removed phosphates a while back, people have experienced problems similar to yours. I would suggest trying Finish Quantum tabs - they work well and get good reviews.

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I had the same problem with my dishwasher (LG)and had a tech come out and he was kind when telling my how simple the problem was to fix.

Do not use powders- buy the tablets that are sealed. The powders absorb moister and ruins the product.

Don't pre wash your dishes. Since they removed phalates, they replaced them with enzymes. The enzymes need something to eat so the dirtier your dishes are the better!

Also make sure your hose thats prob under your sink is high enough. Ours was too low so some of the gunk would back up.

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