dishwasher collecting water

amav31March 16, 2012

My 6 year old dishwasher has some water surrounding the mesh cover inside bottom. Not a lot ,maybe a cup of water. I removed the screws and took the mesh cover off to clean and I saw another container in the center. That was filled with water too. Is this normal.?

I thought it is normal for some water to remain at the bottom,but I never knew there was another container like thing(maybe it has a drain hole)also filled with water. This I am not sure. Did the pump give up?

Any suggestions are helpful.


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This is more residual water than you've seen in the past?

It's unlikely the pump has given up unless the unit is full of water over the entire bottom of the tub up to a couple+ inches deep.

Citing the brand/model number would be helpful so responders to your question can know what kind of mechanism is involved and look up parts diagrams.

A picture of what you're seeing would also be helpful for referencing exactly how much residual water is involved.

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also - look at the drain hose and make sure that it hasnt collapsed or become kinked. if the water cant get pumped out easily it can run back into the DW

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