Anyone have the GE Cafe OTR Convection Micro

flynnnjMarch 2, 2012

I know there's been reports of lots of problems with the touch pad in the GE Cafe OTR microwave. Interesting - when I went to the web site that model is no longer being made and a new release is due April.

I need my appliances installed this month! I picked out the Cafe' Convection Microwave, not the Advantium, but a model that I hadn't seen before - the CVM1790SSSS. It has a lot of similarities to the Advantium but hundreds less. I know that lots of people wrote how happy they were with the Advantium so I'm hoping this other model will be good too.

Does anyone have this microwave? Good- bad? Let me know.

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I know that last fall GE released the newer Advantium OTR as a GE Profile and GE Cafe. Both of the 120v units had the same features and touch control pad, but the exterior design of the units were different to match the Profile or Cafe line. There is also the 240v model, but its more expensive and requires a 240v outlet. I hadn't heard that there were issues with the touch pad, does it not work right?

Two years ago when out 8 year old GE OTR microwave died, we looked at the current Advantium model at that time and didn't like how it looked, so we got the GE Profile OTR Convection Microwave in stainless. It looks nice and convection works well, tough with only a 1500w heating element it can take 10 min to preheat. The only thing I don't like about it is the black control pad with white numbers/letters. It is hard to see in low-light. When I saw the new Advantium in the store last year, and the touch pad was backlit, it made we wish I had that one instead, if only my older microwave would have lasted me a year longer.

I'm not a fan of the Cafe design, think the Profile series looks better.

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I'm glad to know you like your OTR microwave. I actually like the looks of the Cafe' line - the big knobs and the slightly retro feel appealed to me...

This model sounds like it may be your Profile in Cafe' housing. It's 1.7 cu. ft. with 300 CFM Vortex Venting System, 1,000 microwave watts, 1,550 Convection Watts, a warming oven, sensor cooking and stainless steel interior and it's 120 volts.

I noticed on the photo with Amazon that there's lots more stainless and the viewing window is much smaller than most other OTR microwave windows. Hmmm - take a look. I hope I like it!!!

Hopefully I'll be posting a rave review a month from now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of GE Cafe CVM1790SSSS

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This is the model that I have, and it does appear to be similar to the Cafe model with convection. It does have a stainless interior, but doesn't clean well. The user guide says just to use regular soap and water and not to use any chemical cleaners. Well a damp sponge with soap and water doesn't cut it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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