Master bath shower?

bjewell1February 12, 2012

So for the shower in our master bath, I'm trying to decide if it should be walk-in with no door, or a glass door? The space for the shower is 7' by 5'. So it has 5x5 for the actual shower and then 2x5 in between the shower and wall for drying off space. So no matter what 3' between the shower and drying space will be some sort of stone or glass wall. But I dont know if the extra 2' should be a glass door, or just leave it open? I just feel like with it open, it might be chilly, or water might splash out all the time. So what would you prefer, walk-in or glass door? Thanks!

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What does your bathroom layout look like? Any particular reason why a wall separating the shower from the dry off space with the 7' of space you have available? I'm all for no door--less to clean.

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WE just wanted a separate space to dry off. I'm trying to upload a picture of the layout, but I don't know how.

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How to post photos--

1) Go to and open a free account.
2) Follow their instructions for uploading your pics to their site.

Now your pics are ready for posting on sites like GW!

Posting pics in a GW message:
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Hope this helps!

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Thanks so much! This is the layout for the master bath, much easier than explaining it, haha.

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Oh boy. You didn't ask, but...
What is your plan for your toilet room door? (Are you going to have a door?) I ask because, it should not be an inswing, and if it is an outswing, it will hit your bathroom door. And, it can't be a pocket because there is plumbing in the wall that you'd do a pocket with...

As for your shower question, I'd leave it doorless. Put the necessary framing in to support a door if you decide you want one later, but I think it is sufficiently sheltered to not need one. And, a 2' door isn't that big either... (will your shower have some light? It looks like it'd be very dark)

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Oh, yea the toilet room door will be outswing and the main door to the master bath will be a pocket door, forgot to change that.

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I definitely wouldn't put a shower door in. It'll make the drying off space too crowded. The shower also has cavelike potential if the 3 1/2 walls are all tiled up to the ceiling.

What wall will the shower head be on?

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The shower head would be on the back wall across from the seat Also, the wall with the seat and the half wall will be half glass, so just tiled at the bottom.

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Definitely no door. I'm not entirely sure why you need the half wall for your dry off space, but that is personal preference I guess. Assuming the water is off, you won't get wet, half wall or no. You'll just need a mat as you exit to wipe your feet on.

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Yea, I dunno, I think I just like it being separate and dry, not really sure why either. I got the idea from this shower.

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How long do you plan to stay in this home? I ask because a 2' drying off space/access to shower doorway will be very restrictive as you age. 2' will not be wide enough for a wheelchair, walker or 2 people side by side (you + someone to help you into & out of the shower). I would be very tempted to extend the shower to the toilet room wall and just have a 3' wide door or doorway in to the shower itself. Another option would be to just extend the drying off area to 3' as well as the doorway into the shower--but having the door into the shower in the back corner could still be a challenge. I'm still a fan of no door. Hope this helps!

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bjewell1- You were posting as I was so I didn't get to see the photo. Very nice inspiration photo. When I first looked at this photo I didn't even see the glass door--I thought it was just a doorway into the shower at the hardwood to tile transition. You can have a very similar look by extending the shower wall all the way to the toilet wall and placing the doorway into the shower opposite the vanity as I mentioned above. Install 3 towel hooks along the toilet room wall and you will have an almost identical look. With that setup, you don't have to worry about whether or not 2' is wide enough in the dry off area, you have plenty of room for both showering & drying off + it saves you $$$.

I can tell you my shower is 4'x7' with the shower head on the 7' wall & no door. We do not have a problem with water splashing out & it's not chilly. We have 2 full height tiled walls, a 5' tall pony wall and the open end. With the glass on top of the 1/2 walls like you are planning, it definitely should not be chilly--the wall and glass will help to hold the heat in + even at 3' wide, your doorway would be smaller than mine.

Hope this helps!

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