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2LittleFishiesMarch 16, 2012

We are getting the 36" Thermador Induction Cooktop and need ventilation. Our cabinetmaker is making a custom hood for us. I've read some posts but I don't' know anything about ventilation. Which brand(s) should I look at and how many CFMs should be sufficient? I'd prefer to keep the noise down of course. Does a light come with the ventilation? Does that impact people's decisions or are most of the lights equal?


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The Gaggenau CX 480 uses 48 micro inductors in the 36" and will be available framed and frameless in July as the Thermador CIT 36XKB and 30" CIT 304KB.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador/Gaggenau induction

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Looks great... Wonder how much that will go for?

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From the CES announcement, they said the price would be $5K ($4950).

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Ventilation? I think you're looking for an 'insert'. For me, I'd be looking at 600-900cfm, but it depends on what kind of cooking you do. Frying, grilling and searing generate the most smoke/grease fumes.

MakeUpAir (MUA) will probably be an issue. If this is a new build (I think so?), you can discuss it with the HVAC folks. If this is going to be a 'tight' house, the HVAC guys may be doing something already for fresh air exchange.

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Traditional ventilation systems have evolved to handle steam, fumes, grease and the substantial heat produced by high btu output gas burners. Take away the heat and combustion biproducts and ventilation needs decrease signifigantly. 350cfm from a quiet Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan without makeup air because there is no combustion to also require makeup.

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How do you cook without heat? I assure you my induction hobs can generate as much pan heat leading to rising cooking effluent as a high BTU/hr gas burner. The primary issue for high cfm isn't gas combustion products, it is capturing and containing grease and odor.


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I am putting in a 350 cfm as I live in the north and the local codes are prohibitive - MUA system if over 400.
I don't fry (yes, I do some sauté) so think this will be adequate.
Wolf induction 36.

The gag started at over $10,000 grand in Europe. I suggested the idea of a zone less to the appliance dealer before Gag - and he laughed and said it would never happen - 6 months latter....

Now, if I ever would market my ideas.....

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Yes, an insert-- that's what I need : )

I didn't know if there are certain brands to look at? Also, the CFMs and do they come with lighting as well?

This is a 1950 Cape that we are doing an addition on. Not a new build.
Most of what was said here is over my head regarding MUA, etc.

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Most new vents (but not all) have lights as part of the system. Ours will have 4 Halogen lights (would have preferred LED but could't find a match)
MUA is make up air handling - if you live in a cold weather state - most have an ordinance requiring you to add a system to add warmth and also prevent back flow from the inside - if you have a blasting vent system - then there is a chance of sucking the furnace/chimney back into the house and flooding the house with carbon monoxide (CO)
Many cold weather states use 400 CFM but Minnesota must be colder and use 300 CFM as a cut-off
Newer houses are too air tight - but even reno to old houses are subject to the same rules.
Good luck!

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