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Linda GiorgiJuly 17, 2008

Hi, I was wondering if u could help me with information about a car lift for my husbands garage. I want to surprise him. He wants to be able to put one car in the air and another far under itl He is a car lover and he restored his 1923 tbucket. He wants to get another car but needs to lift the first one in order to be able to work in his small garage . He already lifted his ceiling to allow this. He stopped working in it to do my kitchen. I want to surprise him.


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There are many hoists out there. Everyone is different.
how wide is the garage ? The average above floor hoist is
12 feet wide. Drive ons are narrower but about 20 ft long. If it has an above single ram you need about 20 feet of ceiling. My brother found out the hard way as the ram punched threw the ceiling almost threw the roof.
There is a drive on used muffler shops. Very safe but you cannot take the wheels off unless you put jack stands under the frame and lower the hoist. There is also an external arm hoist. good for removing wheels a drive line and suspension parts as everything hangs free. some hoists have a single upright ram and some have two rams under the drive on. Both use 220 volt power. Well the good
ones do anyway. Make sure the garage floor is about 8 inches thick with at least 4000 lb. concrete to hold it and
put the hold down bolts in. You should be able to get a
good used one for about $3000.00. Maybe less and couple
hundred to deliver it. You should be able to install it
yourself remembering the lightest part is about 100 lbs.
Make sure the hoist has dual locking supports. they are
not designed to be left in the upright position. the moveable arm hoists are probably cheaper but not that safe.
Prime example. We had them in the shop. G.M. sent out a
notice saying if we lifted a Chevette we had to chain it down because if you took the rear tires off the car would
fall forward off the hoist and they did. Very nice gift.
Every man's dream. Will your insurance company and city allow this ? They may think your operating a buiness and
want additional permits.

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I believe this is what you are looking for or thinking of. At the top of the page is info that will help you decide if the lift will fit your garage and vehicles.

You remind me of my wife. Very thoughtful and caring and always trying to surprise me. But! and I say but because she usually buys me something that I don't want. I am very particular about my tools and cars. I know what I want and if it isn't exactly what I want then it ruins the surprise if you know what I mean. ;>(

Anyway good luck

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There are other ones too including from Harbor Freight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's link

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Just so there is no confusion the link that I posted is for their storage/service lifts. The link gary posted is to their 4 post lifts. You can get just about anything you need from them.

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