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goldensmomJuly 8, 2008

Replaced our garage door with a great no problems but everytime it closes it locks my 92 Camry doors. Doesn't affect the 06 Honda just the Camry.... Is this not strange?!?!

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Sounds like a freak of frequency. Your garage door and your Camry are operating on the same wavelength. We had a similar but comical experience related to yours. We had just purchased satellite TV and for some reason the TV in the master bedroom would switch channels for no apparent reason. After futiley trying to remedy the situation myself, I called customer support. They explained to me that in all probability a neighbor's unit was operating at the same frequency as said TV. She explained how to change the remote's frequency so we wouldn't be playing tug-of-TV with the neighbors anymore.
In your case, look in your garage door's owner's manual or call the manufacturer or installer to find out if and how to reset the "channel" or frequency of remote operation. I do believe resetting the garage door opener will prove easier and less expensive than adjusting the car's door lock frequency.

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