Two new A/C compressors have failed

ilesh_PatelJuly 3, 2005


I have an 1994 accord. Summer came, a/c went!

Dye test - compressor and freezer drier needs replacing according to the service center I took it to.

So get those replaced. A/C works fine for about 12 hours and then hot air blows like before.

Take it back to service center and they say its a bad compressor. Replace compressor.

Again works really well for 12 hours and now has just started blowing hot air again.

Can't hear the clutch kick in when I flick the A/C switch in the car.

Any ideas what could be going on? Is it that the compressor is not a good match for this car? Could there something else causing it to fail?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Playing the odds, I'd guess there's a leak now that wasn't there before. So, the fix will be repair the leak and refill. Then it will all be ducky again. I'm assuming you've been taking it to a guy who knows about ac and has the proper equipment to service it. You mentioned dye. That makes me think that they do. Please post what happens. jmo

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A possibility exists that "short cuts" are being taken as far as the testing goes.
With a vehicle of this age, there may be two or three tiny leaks and the shop is just finding one at a time...I can just see a bottom line, after all is said and done, of $$$$..

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I think there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in your AC system. When the refrigerant pressure falls below a certain value, the expansion valve/control will not energize the compressor clutch. This leak could be anywhere. Often, its a seal leak on the compressor, but since this was changed out twice, the leak must be somewhere else (assuming good connections were made for the changed parts).

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Another scenario. The first compressor failed internally. And metal particles went thru the system. Now if the system didn't get completly flushed of foreign matter this debris will destroy the new compressor. I have seen this alot. This also happens with power steering pumps. Same scenario.

Good Luck

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