Two story bay---roof options?

joellenhFebruary 28, 2012

Hi, I am a frequent poster on the garden forums, but am brand-new to home building. We are building the "Wilks Manor" house plan with a two story bay. The little roof over the second story bay window looks awkward to me. I'm not sure if a different shape would help or what. Has anyone dealt with a similar issue, and if so, what did you decide on? Thanks for your help!


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I'm sure there willbe lot's better answers than what I have to offer. We have a rectangle bay window and used a copper roof on it.

Try a google image search using "copper bay window roof"

Lots of good images.

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Looks fine to me. But I am puzzling over the tiny window in the blank wall below.

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We changed the shape of the bay roof to one that looks better to me. The tiny window is obscure glass and looks in under the stair framing. It's just there to avoid a giant blank wall.


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My husband & I are planning to build The Wilks Manor next spring and I've noticed that there are a couple of you out there who have had this home built. I would love to see more photos of how the actual house turns out or even better I'd love to walk through the actual home. Are there any models that have been built? We will fly wherever to walk through one. Thanks. Donna

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This is a video of the house a bi modified.

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