Removing car seat back

kashka_katJuly 16, 2013

Is this difficult to do - does it weaken the structural integrity of the car in any way? The bottom part of the seat would stay. Ive googled and it seems possible but its not clear how or if I could just remove the back without taking out the bottom part. - do you have to remove the bottom to get at the bolts that would remove the seat back?

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Not enough information. A picture would help.
Is it a front or back seat?
Is it a driver's seat with motor driven adjustments?
What model of car?

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No specific model - just general question about whether they afe easily removed on all cars - or if not all,which ones?) Are they integral to the structure of the car which means maybe I shouldnt remove it?

Either hatch or cars w opening into the trunk - the ohjective is to have more hauling space for car camping and for gardening equipment (i tend to use my cars like a truck - well, why not make it more truck like! Are ya with me here? (ideally it could also be easily put back in case I want to sell it or use it as a car again.) thnx

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PS this would be back seat not front.

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Look at a repair manual for your car.

A general approach, not necessarily applicable for all models:

1. Reove the seat. Its fastneing method varies with the car. On some, the seat is held down by clip-in arrangement. You depress/push the seat in a certain direction to unclip it and then lift out.

2. Look inside the trunk to try to discover how the seat back is held in and proceed from there.

3. I should have mentioned this first. Look inside the trunk at the construction behind the seat back. you may find a formed sheet metal bracing that spans the area behind the seat and this will defeat your project, because after the seat back is removed, that bracing will still be there and is part of the body work.

4. Your best bet would be to get a model that has fold-down rear seats. The work is already done for you. Just fold down the seats to increase the rear cargo space. This feature is more likely to be found on SUVs: For example, a Jeep Cherokee or a Honda CR-V.
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If you intend to haul stuff on a regular basis, why not get a small pickup or a SUV in the first place?

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Why not suv and truck - gas mileage, initial cost of vehicle & comfort for long drives (I find most large vehicles extremely uncomfortable physically - to drive I mean - aggravates an old back injury & my body justI prefers cars designed for short small people!

And - we want to use the car as camper and sleep in it. Most cars with fold down seats do not have a flat surface so even with a hatch wed be wanting to remove the seat back.

Why not? Its a creative,thing - fun to think outside the box once in a while!. If you have limited funds why not modify it to suit your needs? Id love a honda fit (folds down to flat surface) but alas its out of my price range. Looking for ~7K.

Anyway thnx for the info.

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