How loud is your Blue Star convection fan?

nycbluedevilMarch 22, 2013

I love my Blue Star RNB. The only issue I have is that the convection fan is really loud. Not like background noise loud, but loud enough to be distracting. I don't know whether this is normal and before calling BS, I wanted to get feedback from BS owners first. How loud is yours?

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This sounds abnormal. I have an RNB and the fan is not distracting. I need to look in the oven to see if it is running.

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Agree with "mata". I have a 6 burner 36" RNB and I can hardly hear mine.

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I called BS. They told me to first try to tighten the screws holding the fan cover on and to call back if still a problem. I tightened them and it sounds better but I definitely know it is running. Not that big a deal but maybe I will ask them to send someone out to check it.

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Check to see if one or more of your oven racks is hitting against the fan shroud. This will cause a nasty vibration! Just pull the racks ever so slightly away from the fan cover and see if it goes away.

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Out of level can most definately cause that too.

During my reno my bluestar was on a dolly and moved around a lot. It one point it was out of level and the fan was abnormally loud. After adjsting level it is back to normal. Mind you, mine is a 48", so there is probably more flex and twist in it than a 30 or even 36" would have. Worth a try tho.

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Thanks ctydcm. I tried that but it is still pretty noisy.

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Is it buzzing, vibrating or rattling or does it just sound like a fan? Mine sounds like a fan. I know it's when it is on, I can hear it. Sounds like a small fan inside my oven swirling the air around.

Use your phone or a camera to make a movie and post it somewhere. Since you can turn the fan on without turning on the heat stick the camera right up on in there.

No need to speculate!


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The fan blades heat up and warp. That can cause the noise as well. You can remove the fan blades and re-align them .

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Mine is very loud with occasional buzzing / vibration sounds. The service guy thought he fixed it by tightening the screws to the fan shroud.

I'll check out the location of the racks. It's still under warranty, so I should probably call it in (again).

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