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stoveguyyJuly 24, 2013

took off front wheel on 03 honda odyssey. i have nice floor jack. i could not see any frame rail due to smooth underbody. and the front area under motor has a belly pan that hides any view of subframe. i usually use subframe as jacking point on my other cars. one person said use factory mentioned jack point behind front wheel to lift car and than support car with jack stand. ok. but where do i put jack stand? manual only says where jack point is. than one guy said, why do you think your van has a subframe? is he being a jerk or what?

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Look for the jack that came with the vehicle. Often, jacking instructions are included in the storage area for the jack and the jacking locations are indentified.

Jacking locations should be in the owner's manual. If not, these may be found in a repair manual. However, before you buy a 3rd party repair manual, look in it to see if it has the jack points. You wouldn't want to buy the manual if it does not have what you need.

I am fairly certain that the jacking locations would be in the factory repair manual, but official manuals are much more costly than a general purpose repair manual. However, I have found over the past 20 years that the official factory repair manual is superior to 3rd party offerings and are worth it if you are going to keep the vehicle for several years and perform a considerable amount of its maintence.

The quality of 3rd party repair manuals have degraded over the past 30 years.

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Found some jacking point images online. Even found image of owners manual jack lift info. Van has frt/rear center lift points too. Lift van, put stands under frame rail jacking points. Easy. And yes, the van does have a subframe.

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