Caravan radiator fan malfunction, need advice.

vgkgJuly 19, 2007

Hi Folks, it's been a while.

Here's my situation :

1998 Dodge Caravan, nothing fancy.

About a year ago I noticed that the fan (2 electric fans) kept running after I turned off the motor, these would not shut down but would have kept going until the battery went dead. Both fans have a plug which I could easily unplug so (being cheap) I would just use 1 fan whenever I used the AC (it never overheated without the AC). This practice went on for over a year (only took 5 seconds to plug in the fan) until yesterday. I plugged in the fan before driving with AC but the fan did not come on. At first I thought that maybe the relay switch finally kicked back in, but not. The radiator will over heat now and both fans will not work at all.

I'm assuming that the relay (or whatever) finally gave way and broke down 100%? Any other opinions on what may be the problem would be greatly appreciated. If easy to remedy I could repair or replace the broken component myself assuming I can locate it, otherwise there's a Dodge dealership just 2 miles away. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any ideas, opinions, or advice!

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I'd take it to the dealer, or at least call and ask. There's a recall of a number of chrysler vehicles of that year related to cooling fan/relay problems.

DR-1158 Chrysler 769 V 6/4/98 1997 & 1998 Dodge & Plymouth Neon vehicles built from V1 1997 through 9/9/98. (Fed)

98 WCRXV02.0VB0
98 WCRXV02.0VB2

98 WCRXV0122V20
The solid state fan relay may fail because of heat related electrical over stress causing the fan to stop and the vehicle to overheat. (Fed)

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I have replace the relay twice and have the same problem
the check ingine lite comes on and tell me it is the same thing over and over.
the relay doesn't fix the problem not yet any way.

the other thing is the liter socket don't work and the fuse is good?????

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