leaky quadrajet

joe_mnJuly 27, 2006

i have an older motorhome with a chevy motor and quadrajet carb. if i let it sit for several days it will not start. i tried pouring a little gas in the carb and it will start fine. does this sound like a classic QJ float bowl leak or perhaps a n internal accelerator pump issue? it does not seem to squirt gas down the venturi when i pump it. but once it starts, the motor runs fine. we changed the fuel filter/strainer on the carb inlet but i wonder if it might be the FP as well.

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remove the carb then remove the throttle plate and epoxy
the plugs in the float bowl.

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Yep, that's the fix.

Another option would be to replace the old carb with a new one of the proper cfm for your engine. My son replaced his old quadrajet with an Edelbrock performer. Being a quadrajet fan from way back, I was skeptical when he bought it. I have to say it's a very nice carb.

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a friend just bought a 85 mustange and it came with a holley double pumper. not really a street carb so he swapped on a edelbrock 1405 or 1406? supposed to be a fairly common street carb, vacuum secondaries, 600cfm, elec choke. anyway, his mileage dropped from 300/tank to 200/tank. he got the carb used so he has no idea how its jetted but something is up. he took it into a shop that tunes cars and hopefully will get it straightened out.

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