I'll post my decorations now that the Christmas rush is over

tugsmommaJanuary 2, 2011

Here is a link that might be useful: My web album

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Welcome back to Garden Web Sis :) - as usual your decorating is just stunning and so much prettier in person. You will have to keep coming back now and not loose your password and join us in other holiday decorating and dare I say 'tablescapes' :D This is just a great group of 'enablers' - always willing to lend a hand or visual picture to make you go ohhhhhh and aawweee

Girls and Guys - I would like to introduce you to my dear sister Lee - her decorating talents are stunning. I have learned so much from her and now we only live a 'cup of coffee' away from each other and love hitting TS, Salvation Army, Goodwill and every other store along the way :) .....


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Lee, so glad your back and sharing all of your beautiful Christmas decorations with us. I love your nativity sets. You have some beautiful ornaments. Your shadow box was so neat and wonderful job on the mantel. Enjoyed seeing all of your decorations and tree.

Lynne, I'm not sure you need any help when it comes to decorating from what I've seen.lol Sounds like you two have so much fun when your out and about thrifting.


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Very nice, Lee. Your sister is right, you are a talented woman.

Love the Nativity scene. Looks like a pretty tall Christmas tree!

Glad you're here.

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Hello lee...your pics were too small for my ol' eyes so I clicked on your album & so HAPPY that I did!

I love that 1st pic with the reindeer....cool metal pc?

And I esp could see all your nativity arrangement on that sideboard or cabinet (whatever it is)...just BEAUTIFUL! Love how you heightened & draped materials!

Lots of cool ornies on your pretty tree! TFS! Jeanne S.

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jeannespines...I just picked up that reindeer metal piece at BigLots afterChristmas sale. Lynne and I hit all the spots in a whirlwind. That side board sat in my husbands parent's kitchen for well over a hundred years. His mother was born in the house. It was in the family since 1806 and now our daughter owns it in Wellsboro, PA.

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It's nice to meet you Lee, welcome back to the forum. We sure enjoy your sister on here, and know we have her "hooked" since she just added some more plates to her collection. Stick around and we will do our best to get you "hooked" too--it's so much fun!

So glad you were able to share pics of your Christmas decor with us. I really like your nativity arranged with all the greenery and florals around it. Spotted a cute little bunny ornament too. Can you tell me more about the ornament with the barn on it? Very pretty. And what do you have in the window panes? I squinted but couldn't quite make them out. ;o) Hope you will stick around and share more of your decorating and heirlooms with us.


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Your home and decorating looks so warm and inviting. I love using blue on trees, a throw back from the aluminum and blue tree of my childhood. Also I like your white nativity with the green back drop, very pretty. You guys are lucky to live so close to each other.

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luvstocraft....The ornament with the barn on it is a bisque ceramic piece that I painted...the pieces in the window are parchment color pages from a stained glass color book from Dover Publications. They have the est "BIG KIDS" coloring books. I used oil pencils. here's a link with better pics that my granddaughter took of the window.

Here is a link that might be useful: stained glass window

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Welcome Lee. (and Lynne, I'm having serious "sister envy"
now. Must be such fun to do things together!)

Lee, that metal deer is wonderful. I think I missed a LOT of goodies not making it to Big Lots this Dec. Darn.
I love your little miniature Christmas room!! Did you make that? And your Nativity set-up is wonderful. I really enjoyed going thru your album and seeing all your decorations.

hugs, Karen

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Lynne picked up a slew of those little dioramas years ago at some obscenely low post-Christmas plus her discount or some such price. Anyhow,whatever the story was.. she had her hubby fill the bag to the busting stage!! I'm not one to leave anything without"improvement" or personalization so it has quite a bit of embellishment and repainting on my part lol.

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Welcome back Lee..
I too noticed that metal deer right away and also your beautiful Nativity sets. I also liked your Shadow box/diaroma. Did you make that?
I enjoyed your album and taking a 'Christmas Tour' through your home. You did a lovely decorating job.
I alway wanted a Sister...your two are so lucky to have ea other and also share the same interests.
Once again..Welcome back and hope to see more of you here.


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Welcome back Lee, Your Christmas Decor is lovely. The antique buffet is wonderful. It is so much more precious since it has always been in the family.
I love the way you arranged your Nativity.
I like the close ups of your tree. I wish I thought to do that... Maybe next year.

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Thanks guys for the warm welcomes and the feedback. I've found a new place to waste time. It is an art to juggle ogling over other's creativity for hours on end and forcing yourself to get out and produce instead of just look. :) So many people here have done such beautiful things, one could get lost in cyber-decor-space.

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Everything is lovely. I too, like the way you displayed your white nativity.
I understand what you are saying about it looking so much better IRL than in the photos, but you have many lovely decorations and I love the history of your sideboard.

You will definitely find that you spend a lot of time here with the enablers, but they are all so friendly and uplifting, that it is addicting.

Welcome and TFS,

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"Waste not, want not" ... oh, BTW, lee, that old adage doesn't work here! LOL! (in reference to "I've found a new place to waste time."

Love the history of the sideboard...& it is beautiful! Jeanne S.

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Everything is beautiful. I love your nativity and your mantel.


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