New car Hit

rock70July 10, 2013

My new car is hit very badly ..what should I have to do for it....its body got badly damaged,full tank leaked ..i don't know what should actually i have to do...If i repaired it then is It works same as new one or if it is not works as new car then I have to sell this..but how to sell car

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Talk with your insurance agent and the body shop. If its just the sheet metal that is banged up and a leaking fuel tank, a good body shop should be able to repair this to like new condition.

However, since I can not see the damage, I can not make a judgement. If the damage is extensive, the insurance carrier may decide to to "total" the car and pay you what they determine is the worth of the vehicle.

Be careful if they decide to total the vechicle. You might not get enough to replace the car. Make sure that you do. Point out that your time is worth money and that you will have to spend time to find a replacment and the hassle of buying it and licensing it.

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if your vehiicle is repairable, i would find out if there are any direct repair facilities in the area & find out what kind of warranty they offer. lots of insurance companies have them that offer a lifetime warranty.

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