Does anyone have their FR in a corner next to a wall?

catlover5March 4, 2012

Does anyone have their fridge in a corner next to a wall?

I am getting a 24 inch FR for my remodel and like the price of the LG 24 fr the best and the many favorable reviews; however, LG told me in an email that it needs 10 inches from the wall in order to properly access the drawers. When I contacted them again to find out if this was an error, they then told me it needs 1 inch on either side and 4 inches from the back wall if I was putting this into a cab next to the wall. So I am not sure. I have only seen this FR on the web and if you look at it, there is a door bin where the fridge drawers are so it appears that you would have to open the door more than 90 degrees in order to pull out the drawer bin hence the 10 inch wall clearance recommendation?

The other FR I have seen in person tend to have nothing on the door where the drawer pulls out so you can access the drawers easily without having to open the door more than 90 degrees.

I have a tight kitchen. We are semi putting this into a cab meaning that the FR is going in the corner next to the wall with a panel on right side next to the DW but 3 inches from the wall with no filler on the left side, if this makes sense.

I also like the Summit FFBF24 which, according to the mfr, requires only a 2 inch clearance to properly access the drawers when placed in the corner next to the wall. This is why we have the 3 inches to the left - 2 inch for the clearance and the customary 1 inch to clear the molding.

Since I need white and prefer a bottom freezer, my only other reasonably priced option is the Blomberg 24 which I have only seen on the web. The hinge on the fr must be on the left side and the Blomberg has a $100 upcharge for a left hinge while it appears that the other models have reversible doors.

As always, thank you for any information you can provide to me.

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Kind of went through something similar. Our kitchen layout has the fridge by a wall that comes out (deep) 36 inches. The space is 36 inches wide. ThPrevious owners put in a side by side and I didnt notice until after we moved in the fridge was pulled out to the end of the wall creating a gap of about 3-4 inches behind the fridge. I thought this was odd, pushed the fridge back and then I realized the problem. The doors on the fridge would gouge into the wall. Every darn pen or piece of paper seemed to fall behind the fridge. Drove me nuts. So anyway, to actually get the right fit meant going with a fridge that was smaller. One where I could open the doors and access the trays. I bought a fridge that is 30 inches wide giving me 6 inches to play with. New fridge opens all the way without issues.

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Just curious, did you decide on a fridge catlover5? I am in the initial planning and saving stages of a kitchen renovation and I am looking into some of the tall, skinny, true counter depth fridges like the Summit, Blomberg, Fagor, and Liebherr. Those seem to have approx 24" depth, whereas some of the other brands with counter depth options are 28-30" deep. I have a narrow galley style kitchen with the fridge at the far end next to the wall and I am looking for good ideas for a fridge that will fit, but that I can open the door far enough! The fridge that came with our townhouse is a side by side style and we can barely open the freezer door far enough to get anything in or out of it...

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Our is, and I hate it! It is a side by side, which is annoying enough, but to access anything in the back I have to slide stuff around, like one of those tile puzzles...In order to clean the drawers or shelves (removing them) I have to take out ALL the shelving on the door.

It was done by the previous owners. It makes no sense ih my kitchen because it is huge. I curse them often! They layed things out terribly. I often say it was like they closed their eyes and threw the appliances in and wherever they landed, they stayed. ;)

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Brooklyngalley solved this problem by putting a thin pantry between her wall and her tall skinny Liebherr. You can see the pictures in her thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brooklyngalley kitchen reveal

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Thank you for that link! Lots of pics to look at :D

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Froglander, I did get a 24 fr and went cheap just in case we didn't like it. I got the LG in white and it is in the corner with no problems accessing anything. I love the freezer part but am still adapting to the fridge section. There is plenty of room for 2 people for food, condiments and veggies/fruit but not enough room for beverages. We do have it at the end of the L in our tiny kitchen and have no problems accessing anything but I do have a 3 inch wide opening on the hinge side. I saw Brooklyngalley's kitchen and it was such a great transformation and use of space. I didn't have room for a pantry. It was a 24 in FR and 18 in DW in our L shaped layout or no DW at all and I wanted a DW. We could always upgrade later. Good luck to you!

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