Jeep back up sensors... failed

sharon620July 18, 2006

Hello Everyone

While I don't rely on my back up sensors instead of actual looking back my sensors did fail the other day.

I was in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot that is very tight to get in and out of. It is not an open lot. Well, I looked back before coming out of my space and did not see A THING. I backed up and hit a truck. First of all there is a terrible blind spot on these jeep grand cherokee's and my sensors did not go off at all. Plus the fact, I just didn't see the truck.

All the repair shops that do body work are telling me these jeeps have a terrible blind spot.

Have you heard of this. Also, I did do a pretty good job on my jeep. The back light is smashed, the quarter panel, and my bumper. The man's truck suffered a dent and a few scratches. None the less I am very upset.

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The outside rear view mirrors when properlly adjusted give full view of the rear corners and fill the "blind spot".

As far as the back up sensors go, I have yet to have to repair any of them. When they fail most people just forget about them instead of fixing them.

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Since you damaged you rear quarter panel and a backup lamp, I don't think that your vehicles met square on, but maybe corner to corner. (How else would the quarter panel have been damaged.) The truck may not have been in the view cone of the backup sensor, but should have been visible in a rear view mirror. The Jeep Cherokee has decent ourside rear view mirrors.

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Had the two vehicles been driven a bit more slowly, this would not have happened.
The second truck should have seen the man backing up and should have yielded to him - this is the way I see it - anything to prevent an un-necessary accident..

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