Please advise re: whitest white gouts-is Avalanche too pink?

fun2learnFebruary 3, 2014

HI. I could use some feedback on white tile grout. Please help me find a good clean bright white grout that won't look too pinkish or grey next to my ivory/almond colored subway tile. My tile has a golden or greenish undertone (depending on the light)--not the typical pinkish gray undertone of the average bisque or bone colored subway tile.
I was going to use Mapei's Avalanche grout, because that was supposed to be a bright white, but noticed that it looked slightly pinkish on the color chart--and discovered that it looks terrible next to my tile. The plastic grout sticks in the store didn't look like that, (they looked like a nice pure white) so I called Mapei and they said that the color charts were more accurate than the plastic grout sticks, but the customer service guy I spoke with didn't seem to think it looked pink on his color chart, but didn't seem to know for sure!! Does anyone know for sure if avalanche has this pink undertone or not?
What about Custom Building products "White Dove", which is supposed to be their whitest white now. Any others you would recommend as really reading as a true white? A warm white would probably be ok, as long as it didn't read too gray. Thanks.
By the way, this will be for 1/8" joints, and the tile is kind of thick, so I will need a sanded grout. (It is for a kitchen backsplash, but thought this forum would have more interest in tile!) Thanks.

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Laticrete # 44 Bright White? I'm looking at the color chart and if it has an undertone, it's more yellow to me. Avail sanded and unsanded

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I have the White Dove grout by Custom Building and it looks very white against my tile. My tiles are white, shiny ceramic. I've attached a picture. Good luck!

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TEC bright white is pretty white.

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Thanks everyone. I went ahead and opened the bag of the Mapei Avalanche grout and definitely noticed what looked like pinky-beige speckles--the sand I guess! I put some dry grout mix onto my sample board and, yes, it did look slightly pink--but then I was looking for it. So I am so glad you all posted some other choices.

I did get a white plastic sample stick of Laticrete's bright white and it looks definitely grey next to my tiles. It looked greyer than the paper color chart. If it was a warm greyish white maybe that would be ok.

Thanks, Lisadlu, for posting the photo, too. Your tub surround (or is it a shower?) looks awesome. Can you tell is the grout is on the warm side, cool side, or neutral as far as color tone goes. Judging by the photo (probably not a good idea considering how monitors vary!) it looks like it might be leaning toward the warm side, which would be good for me. White Dove is supposed to be Custom Building Products whitest white and I am also considering that as an option. The only drawback is that it only comes in their regular grout, not any of their "premium grouts", but if you used it in a shower, it should be ok on a backsplash! Did you install it yourself? Was it good to work with?
Cat Mom- thanks. I will check out Tec. It is one brand I did not get to see any plastic grout sample for. I will ask at my tile store.

Thanks again a bunch.

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We used TEC XT in our two upstairs bathrooms (regular TEC in the guest bathroom which was done before XT came out).

We used unsanded grout with the field tile in each. Daltile Modern Dimensions tile in one, Porcelanosa large format tile in the other. The unsanded grout is white-white. We had to use sanded grout with the White Thassos border/accent tile (mosaic) in the MB because of the spacing/"joints" within the mosaic. The sand in the sanded grout does make the white appear less "stark white" than the unsanded grout, but there is no pink or yellow cast to it. Very, slightly off-white, when viewed side-by-side with the unsanded grout, but that is to be expected. It still looks white, and looks totally fine against the tile.

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That's a photo of my shower (but the photo is showing sideways!). I just went and looked at my shower and if I had to choose I'd say the grout is leaning more towards the neutral to warm side. We didn't do the tiling ourselves so I'm not sure how it is to work with but the brand of grout was the tillers decision so I'm guessing it is ok. I wanted the whitest grout I could find and this was about it. The color is very consistent. Good luck!

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Lisadlu- I should have known that was a shower turned sideways--. Gorgeous! Was that unsanded or sanded White Dove grout, btw? Thanks so much for checking on the "tone" for me. It sounds like a good option for me!

Cat Mom- Thanks for the input. I hear that Tec tx is a good premium grout. Glad to hear about the color--one more option I can check. (by the way--we love cats at our house, too! We used to have three, but only one right now.)
Thanks again!

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We used sanded White Dove. :)

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