Groundhog's Day Table

nana2010_gwJanuary 30, 2011

Had help today to post pictures. So here is my Groundhog's Day table. After a tiring morning of deciding whether or not to see his shadow and posing for pictures, Phil invited his good friend Gus (the second most famous groundhog in PA) to join him for a light repast.

After the ceremonies one of the dignitaries threw his hat. I guess he didn't like what Phil proclaimed.

Whether Phil sees his shadow or not, everyone who attends the event has a great time.

The dishes came from thrift store in my town. I got the napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond several years ago. I made the placemats from weather maps glued on foam board. The snowman was a gift, and the cardinal and the trees came from a Dollar Plus store in my town.

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LOL! My, I think those 2 will be having too much fun at that table, nana! Phil does look a little peeved at having to pose for so many pics! Really cute ideas in that centerpc...& those brown dishes were a "staple" in every household back in the day, I think!...they fit the theme of your table very nicely! I donated mine to a GSon when he moved out on his own. Love the placemat ideas...good idea!...namecard holders cute, too! Looks great! TFS! Jeanne s.

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Nana, cute table. You put a lot of thought into this CP.
Looks like Phil is saying more winter. : (


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Nana, what a neat table for Phil and Gus. Looks like you had alot of fun creating this one. Cute snowman with his list and broom. Is he a votive holder? I really like the trees and cardinal. Are the trees metal?

Your placemats turned out great. You can mark MT with It is 1 today with blowing snow. Suppose to be 3 below tomorrow.Brrrr


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Weather maps for placemats! That's an idea I'm going to copy. Clever thinking. Phil looks pretty good. He certainly didn't drop many pounds while hibernating.

I remember those dishes very well. Liked them years and years ago and I still like their look today.

Great job all around!

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This is just the cutest table Nana...I just might forgive
Phil for seeing his shadow!!
I love everything about your CP and your snowman with his list - looking all bewildered - is
I agree, your dishes are perfect for this setting.
I had a feeling OA would want to 'copy' your placemats, what a terrific idea!!
Great planning on everything.


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I agree with OA and Jane, those placemats are such a creative idea! Love the white cloth which looks like snow and then the pinecones and pine needles with it really gives it that outdoorsy feel.

I still have a bean pot on a top shelf in the kitchen that matches your mugs and pot, always loved the shape of it but haven't used it in years. I don't have any of the other pieces that match so I'd love to pass it on to you if you would like it to add to your items. Just say the word and I'll find a box to fit it in. ;o)


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Looks like this table is set for the most famous weatherman's the inner circle!

Nana, Did you take a trip to Punxsutawney for the inspiration! It is great!

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NanaK, this should have come with a "Cuteness Alert" on it.
What a delightful table, I had the biggest smile while looking at it.

This kind of creativity always amazes me! I don't know how you come up with such cute ideas, but I'm definitely glad you do.

hugs, Karen

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Great idea for a table . . . how cute! Love the idea for the placemats, too.

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Very cute! I love the maps as mats, clever!

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I just read all the final posts over at the Decorating Forum. Boy, they are strange and touchy over there! I wanted to say how nice it was of you to explain my intentions and stick up for me.
You don't have your email listed, so I have to say thank you in this post.

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That is one darling table. What a cute ground hog too. The dishes are perfect for this. Since I bought the rootbeer wagon planter this week I've been thinking of finding some like that. OA and Nana, y'all are brave to be posting over there on the decorating forum. I lurk over there, but I too received touchy responses there also. It is so much nicer here, you know "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything". I want to enjoy my time on the forums not be confronted, there is enough of that IRL.

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Thanks everyone for your kind responses. This was a fun table to do. I went to the TS three times to get all of the dishes.

Punk I don't think the snowman is a votive holder, he is open to the bottom, Bud vase maybe? Yes the trees are metal.

Jane The Snowman was Master of Ceremonies for the event. I'm sure he wants 6 more weeks of winter!!

Luvs I would love to have the Bean Pot. But when I joined GW I didn't give my email address I see that you didn't either. Don't know how else to get my info to you.

Elmaly I didn't go to Puxsutawney. 2 of myDDs did and they loved it.

Karen When I mentioned doing this table to my kids 3 of them had suggestions... funny thing they were all the same so I can't take all of the credit.

OA you are welcome!! Gosh that woman made me MAD!!
Frou I lurk on the home decorating forum, but rarely comment in anything. There are some very talented people there and some beautiful homes, but yikes!! I was so happy to find this forum I've said it before, this is a bright spot in my day in what has been a very difficult year. I know it is the same for others here.



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Nana, Too cute!
It is all very well thought out and the weather map placemats are perfect.
I'm sure your snowman EmCee wants 6 more weeks of winter, but I'm rooting for spring.
Your groundhog is perfect and I like how you labled the Knob and made the 2 placecards for Phil and Gus.


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sharing Phil again


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This is so cute.

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I'm so glad you shared this again....made me smile just as much I'm sure. With my bad memory, it now seems all NEW to me. LOL.

And I stand by my old comment....and Ditto everyone else's too.

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Glad you shared this again too, it was just so darn imaginative and cute! Luvs

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