Need to convert a seven seater minivan into an eight seater

gildinsJuly 18, 2007

Please help me! I need to convert my seven seater 2000 Ford Windstar minivan from a seven seater to an eight seater. I cannot afford to buyy a new car! if anyone knows of any model bench I can use to change the middle bench from seating 2 to seating 3 I will be forever indebted. Thank You.

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Don't forget that you will need seat belt anchors and seat belts for each seat.

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Is your third seat a three-seater? In your model, is it possible to put your third seat in the second row in place of the bench or captains' chairs? If so, you can do theat and buy a used third row seat from a salvage yard. has a great search feature, be sure to find out which years have exactly the smae seat as yours and put in those years as well.

I wish my Toyota Sienna thrid seat could fit the anchors for the second row, I would do this. I also want to make mine into an eight-seater but have not found a way yet.

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During the "overloaded" times, you will have to drive more slowly, keep the tires fully inflated, and carefully watch the oil temperatures.
Good luck...

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You'll also need some very agile 3rd row passengers. If you replace the 2nd row bench with a wider bench you'll be eliminating the access aisle to the 3rd row. Passengers will have to climb *over* the 2nd row bench.

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