serpentine belt on 99 chevy cav

spazmoJuly 7, 2006

so i just had to replace the alternator which was a breeze.....unfortunately gettin the serpentine belt back on is bein a huge pain.....any tips? im sure ive got the belt routed correctly, it just seems like the tensioner doesnt actually give enough slack, it gives what, 1/2"-1" when loose? what should be the last pulley i put the belt on?

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oh yeah...its a 2.2L with AC and power steering.....the only pulley that is really convienent to leave for last is the alternator, but the tensioneris also fairly close, and i was thinkin possibly better because it runs against the back of the belt rather than the grooved side

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Read the link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: belt replacement

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