NADA vs Kelly Blue Book

kim0201July 12, 2008

I want to sell an older Chev Beretta and was wondering... does NADA or KBB website provide the most accurate estimate of value. I obviously want to get the most money I can, but also want to be fair to both myself & the potential buyer and not overprice the vehicle.

Which one would you use in a private sale? Thank you.

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None. The person that wants the car knows what it is worth.
You know what you want for it. make a deal.

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Thanks kalining for the comment. I found the NADA & KBB to differ a few hundred dollars in the estimated value. I agree w/ your thought - ask what I want and deal from there.

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I'll let you in on another little hint. DO NOT say " make
me an offer ". We buyers hate that. I say " what do you want"? Then the guy says " make me an offer ". then i'll
say $100.00. After the guy, the seller, explodes i'll say again " what do you want for it ". Be realistic. Book price is clean, low mileage. Deduct from there. good luck.

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kalining - You're absolutely right. Being realistic is the key. I looked at NADA just for a ballpark. Your seller example - he was really saying "make me an offer & make it a BIG offer". :-)

Thanks again.

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