DO NOT mess with Air Bags

jemdandyJuly 10, 2011

How strong is an airbag?

While lounging about the local shop, these guys wanted to see what happens when an airbag deploys.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Bag Test

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Sorry. The link in the prior message is no good. Its a WMV file and what you are supposed to see is a buuch of buddies putting an airbag assembly in a small drum. A board cover is placed over the top of the drum and one of them sits on it. The bag fires and the guy is launched to the ceiling. Eveything happens so quickly that I'm not sure exactly what took place. When the smoke clears, we see a dazed guy in fetal position on the floor and when he is rolled over, he sits up and is too dazed to speak.

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