We actually ate at a table!

christmascandyJanuary 28, 2012

I made homemade Chicken Pot Pies for supper last night. Since I used the individual chicken casserole dishes I had purchased at Home Goods a while back, I decided to set a table we could eat at!

I used the napkin rings I bought in 2010 and repainted, the Bordallo green chicken dinner plates and some white chargers.

The casseroles have a lid, but since the pies had a top crust, I didn't use it, just set it on here for the photo!

The chicken in the CP is one I made in ceramics decades ago.

I decided to set the table at the last minute, so it is very simple, but that made it easier to clean up too, LOL.



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Gee did you ONLY make 2 ?
I love Ckn Pot Pie and your's look sooooo yummy and just right for a cold winter night!
Cute TS...LOVE the Bordallo plates and your Ckn Casseroles not to mention your adorable Ckn NpRings and Ckn CP!
For a last minute table - you did a super job and I'd love to be sitting there enjoying some of that Ckn Pot Pie!
TFS even though it's ONLY your Pics!! lol

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Candy, Cute table with your chicken casserole dishes. I'm with Jane, I love ck pot pie and yours is very appealing. Such a cute ck cp too. I'm so glad you ate at one of your ts. Unless it's a Holiday or big meal, we eat at the bar.

Of all the dishes I have, still no gr, pink or yellow Bordallo plates like these. I always enjoy seeing everyone eles tho. I didn't know you repainted the napkin holders but I'm not surprised!

I see some Valentine decor in the back that looks pretty neat. Hope you'll be sharing that soon.


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Well, that's wonderful that you both shared your table tonight! Place-settings are just right ...not too overdone for you DH ... & the ck pot pie looks delish! Like that little casserole cover. Your ceramic hen centerpc fits right in ... & not in the way for anyone! Pretty napkins, too. TFS, candy! Jeanne S.

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What a pretty table and why great looking pot pies!

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Very pretty table, Candy. The green Bordallo plates, chicken napkin rings and Ceramic hen are perfect with the chicken pot pies, which look delicious, by the way!

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Bet that was fun to get to use all your cute chicken items. Your pot pie looks so good, lots of crust just the way I like it! Yum! Did your DH have any comments or was he only interested in the food? LOL


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Marlene Kindred

Mmmmmm....I LOVE chicken pot pie! Yours look so pretty in your chicken casserole dishes too. Love the simplicity of your table...your plates are gorgeous!

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Thanks everybody!

DH's response was "We have a table??" LOL
I think he actually enjoyed sitting down to eat at the table. We usually only do that when we have company, so this was a unique experience, although he could see the TV from where he was sitting!!

The pot pies were pretty good if I do say so myself. Nice comfort food on a cold night.

Since I only found 2 of the green chicken plates, this was perfect because there aren't enough for a full table, and I only bought 2 of the casseroles as they were at Home Goods and kind of pricy. I do have plenty of the napkin rings though.

Normally we eat in front of the TV, so it was kind of a pleasant change.

Thanks again everybody,


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Sweet table, Candy. And pretty darn amazing you got DH away from the TV. I haven't tried that in a LONG time. LOL.
Maybe there's hope yet.

hugs, Karen (your cyber sister-in-law)

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Your picture actually made my stomach growl! Great looking chicken pot pies! I'm not sure where you found your two green chicken plates but I saw something similar at Tuesday morning (I purchased one rabbit plate that could be it's "cousin" with the intention of using it for an Easter display).

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Neesie, the Pinheiro Bordallo company does have the full set of rabbit dishes like Candy's plate. I have them in green, and 3 pieces in lavender. They make their dishes in 5 colors. I found mine piece by piece at Ross and TJ Max and Marshalls. Ebay has them but shipping is so high as they are super heavy!
I just use mine for display by the way, love them.

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