how do auctions work?

jasper_60103June 17, 2006

Never purchased a car at an auto auction before, but

I hear you can find some good deals.

I never down the auction thing before. I'm clueless.

How does it work?

Can someone give me the auto auction crash course?



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Some auto auctions are closed to the public.Others the public is welcome.Make sure it is a titled vehical your bidding on.Not all of them example drug seized vehicals are not always titled.

Becareful of what your bidding on.Wheres it from?New Orleoans or Mississipii or Florida?If so was it flooded?Also look out for the ones with remanufactured titles.

Some will alow you to drive them before the sale on the auction grounds only.Not much of a test and more of a gamble.Best to go before the sale to see them drive in.Or see if there hauled in.However many are hauled in anyway even if there the cream of the crop.

Try to figure out who is bidding.If there ''jockeys''used car dealers they want them cheap and will stop bidding however they have friends in the business and help each other by running up the bids.Its a gamble becareful.

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thanks for the thoughful advice and pitfalls.
Sounds like auto auctions may not be for everyone.
I had a neighbor once that swore by them, but
I recall he had some sort of agent working for him.
Anyway, I like a good deal, but not much of a gambler. thanks again.


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I got my Mustang through the auction. But I had a friend who does that all of the time find the car and make the deal. All I had to do is be patient and have him watch for the model that I wanted. Even then it's still a risk, the only advantage being that I can fix anything mechanical that might become an issue. All in all I will say I got my car at a great price, and even managed to make it a business asset, which allows me to write a percentage of it off.

The point is, even with me having the ability to repair any mechanical issues with it, I still relied on someone who really knew that game to actually buy the car. It really takes that kind of a combination to do well in that atmosphere.

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Buying cars through an auctions has its share of advantage and disadvantages to a buyer. But for a more detailed tips, advices and sources in searching for the right auction venues as to where you can find your dream car, you can visit our website at Just give it a try.

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