Engine of the Future

mxyplxJune 13, 2005

Open this page; see the forthcoming panacea in small engine design.


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Hopefully, the company isn't bought out or majority shares go to a sub. of the Big Three or oil tycoons - which will eventually allow them to go bankrupt or evaporate.

Hell, they already have the lobby power to influence the government and restrict any other engine/mileage advancements so why would they allow competition. Think of the first companies which introduced hybrids as a major car line - and who is playing catch-up?

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Small engine design ? As opposed to large engines, for a mega oil tanker ??

Has this unit ever been built and tested ?

Seems to be incredibly complex ad impossible to economically machine..

I do not subscribe to "conspiracy theories" , but I can be very suspicious of man's claims....

About 15 years ago Saab developed a variable compression engine with all kinds of extravagant claims.
It now rests in a dusty state under a staircase in Trollhatten.

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