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cbusmomof3February 24, 2012

Good Morning!

We are scheduled to insulate today and drywall next week. Can anyone tell me an average time frame from drywall to closing on a 3700 sq.ft house?


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Morning Cbus....
Thats a question best left to your GC. There are 3,700 sq foot houses with little detail and those with so many custom touches that more time is spent on the finish work than anything else.
Also it all depends on the number of workers that your GC uses. If he has one good tile guy and you've got oodles of tile, it will obviously take longer than if he brings in a whole team. Same with painters, trim carpenter etc.... one worker or six?
But aside from how your GC schedules, the main question is the level of detail and complexity in your home.
Good luck!

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Thanks Gbsim. Good points. I'm just antsy, I think.

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It's an exciting time, we'd be robots if we weren't anxious to see the finished product! :)

We've been 9 months now at our build and are still under temporary roof film! If it's finished in 15 months we'll consider ourselves lucky at this point!

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