06 Suzuki Forenza

cardamomJune 22, 2007

I'm looking at buying an 06 Forenza with 28K miles. Anyone have any experience with this car? Are Suzuki parts more expensive than others?

I'm still going to look at a couple Elantras tomorrow but we are really considering the Forenza.

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nice car, the forenza is a rebadged daewoo, daewoo is part of g.m. chevy sells the eqinox and the aveo, both rebadged daewoos. i`ve owned both suzuki badged vehicles, and chevy badged suzukis, and had no complaints, also have hyundais now and have no complaints. biggest downside i can see is suzuki dealers are few and far apart, something to keep in mind when service is needed. aside from that if you like it and its a good deal go for it.

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Suzuki dealer is in the next town north of us. We bought the Suzuki this weekend. Thanks for your input.

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congrats, i`am sure you will be happy with it. suzuki has a good rep.

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