Ford Explorer headlights dim with a/c running

happyprocessJune 26, 2007

When I run the a/c the headlights on the 2000 Ford Explorer will all of a sudden dim then return. It is evident as I drive down the road that something is wrong. If the A/C is off the car seems ok. The battery is new and the alternator indication seemed steady during the flickering. Yes, flickering is a better description than dimming. The power lock button on one side does not function and the lock on the other side usually doesn't respond to any buttons to lock or unlock. Thus, I am thinking there is an electrical issue at work with the A/C and light problem. But, I could be wayyyy off base here. Any help with how to approach this would be great!

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About headlamp flicker, there may be a bad ground somewhere or a resitive connection at the alternator terminals. Also, if there is an imtermittent short in the A/C circuit, this may cause lights to flicker.

The non-functioning power door locks can have many causes. One commonly overlooked failure is broken wires in the boot going from the driver side door to the body. Sometimes, test procedure given in repair manuals may indicate bad driver console swithes when a broken wire is at fault.

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