How to clean cream soda out of dash.

Pooh BearJune 29, 2005

1997 Ford Escort 4 door sedan.

Saturday someone who was riding in our car set a cup of

cream soda on the dash and it spilled all over the radio

and the heat/ac controls. Now the radio buttons are hard

to press, and the heat/ac knobs are hard to turn.

Is there any way we can clean this up.


Pooh Bear

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You can pull the fan/temperature/selector knobs off and clean behind them--that might do it for those.

As for the radio itself, how bad is it? Did the cream soda get behind the buttons?

The radio can be removed from the dash with a set of radio removal tools which you can get at any Wal-Mart in the car stereo section. First you'll need to disconnect the heater control cable which hooks up on the driver's side behind the center console, then you can pull the radio out.

You might need to take the radio apart to get all of the stuff out. If you do, a good cleaner to use is plain distilled water. I've rescued many computer keyboards by washing the soda/orange juice/etc. out with distilled water and letting it dry for 24 hours.

Otherwise, the cheapest option might just be to get a used radio off of Ebay or from a wrecking yard. They'll come with the heater controls, and they typically go for about $25 (that's a radio/cassette player, so if you only have a radio, it's an upgrade!)

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just make sure your radio isn't one of those anti theft ones. If you remove it and don't have the install code
your radio will never work again.

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No Ford vehicle sold in the USA ever came factory with an anti-theft radio that I know of.

The Escort one definitely isn't an anti-theft radio.

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Pooh Bear

It is just the factory installed am/fm/cassette player.
Hardly ever use it. But sometimes we do. Wife uses it more.
I don't know how bad it was. I wasn't there when it happened.

Will have to try removing the knobs to clean behind them.
Not really wanting to remove the radio and go thru all that.
May just have to consider a new radio (or used) and get it installed.
I have been wanting a CD player anyway.


Pooh Bear

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Ford never made an in-dash CD player for the Escort with that style of radio (it was a CD changer in the trunk), so you'll have to get an aftermarket one with an installation kit.

Actually the 2003 Escort ZX2 did have an in-dash CD player in that style, but I don't think the plugs would match up and they probably still cost an arm and a leg at the wrecking yards..

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