A/C Recharge Refridgerant

buckyJune 27, 2010

Good Day Fellas: I;ve had to remove the a/c compressor to do a repair on my 88 G20 Chevy Camper Van. The system had been converted from R12 to R134A several years ago when I had the system upgraded. I now have to recharge the system with refridgerant and am wondering if there is now an improved and more efficient product available that is compatible with the R134A coolant that was in the system? I've heard of a product called Freeze 12 thats supposed to run colder etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot: Bucky2

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Each refrigerant is supposed to be used with its own unique service fittings. R12 had its standard threaded adapters, which changed to two sizes with the high side being smaller to reduce the occurrence of miss identifying the high and low side fittings. R-134 went to the quick disconnects that are standard today.

Freeze 12 when used is supposed to get its own unique fittings so that someone else does not accidentally contaminate their recycled R12, or R134a refrigerants. Funny isn't it how the people who want to sell this stuff fail to point that out. Stick with the R-134a.

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Thanks for the reply John G. Appreciate the feed-back.
Cheers: Bucky

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