House Plan(s) Review (revised!)

JSpannFebruary 21, 2014

I am bringing back my houseplan for critique... but a NEW and (much) IMPROVED version - thanks to naf_naf ! Seriously, I get kind of giddy looking at these sketches and how much better they are than a plan that I thought was pretty 'good'.

There are two versions of the plan - I lean towards the first and my husband leans towards the second.

I've taken the kitchen over to the kitchens forum and have been working on the design there. I am going to have a cabinet maker mock-up the area for me in the next week.

Couple notes - we might keep the stairs going 'down' in the living room because we plan to have children's bedrooms downstairs and may not want them to be able to make a 'beeline' from the garage straight to their bedrooms - bypassing all upstairs dwellers ;) The upstairs were simply to utilize 'bonus space', but not necessary. There will be a full walk-out, daylight basement below.

Thank you for any thoughts you have on our current plan... and THANK YOU naf_naf (Martha!) for your kindness in sharing your creative talent with us.

(I am posting the original houseplan too for comparison)

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the original....

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I really like them both. If I had to choose, I would pick the second one solely for the fact that the mudroom and potential messiness is hidden around the corner. It also appears that configuration made the single garage bay a little wider which you'd never regret.

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I also have to go with number 2 (option C) for basically the same reason: the mudroom mess can be hidden a bit easier and one doesn't need to walk through the mudroom to use the powder room. I "think" you might even be able to put a door between the mudroom and powder room area.

I realize the kitchen is slightly smaller, but I don't think the difference is enough to impact usability. You can some more space in the laundry room also.

Great job! I love how the master closet and pantry are used to provide a sound barrier.

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Wow, you both brought up great points that I hadn't considered! Option C definitely has advantages with its configuration . And really, my husband believes the simpler floor system and straight wall will make the price the same if not less expensive than B, even with it having slightly more S. F.

Thank you both for adding your perspectives!

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Your plan has evolved nicely!

I don't think I'd bother with the door by the dining room table. I think it'd be too crowded to get out that door, and you have a door in the great room, only steps away. Multiple doors onto the patio will mean more difficulty placing furniture on the patio. Multiple doors also mean more doors to accidentally leave open, and if you ever do a security system, more doors = more cost.

I like the increased size of your dining room table.

I prefer the great room furniture placement in the second image. Why? When you walk in, you'll have "space" between the two chairs, which gives you a better view into the great room and feels more inviting. However, with a large family, the sofa is probably more practical. If you go with the sofa, I'd place a table behind it - just feels right to me.

Since you don't have unlimited space in the great room, I'd go with the sliding door. Having lived with both, sliding glass doors are more functional than French doors. French doors open up into the house and take up space, whereas the sliding glass door "disappears" when you open it up -- thus, you get better air flow. I know, French doors are so pretty . . . so it's a question of function or looks.

In either floorplan, I'd consider skipping the mid-room door and going with a bank of windows in its place . . . and then having a single door just at the spot where the great room meets the kitchen. A door in that place would serve both rooms and would free up your furniture placement choices.

I prefer the mudroom arrangement in the first plan. Seems to be a better use of the space. I like the placement of the powder room better, and I think its laundry room is "right sized", whereas the other one is a bit bloated.

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Question - is there any reason to not swing a door out? (besides eating into the patio space....). I have been considering the doors to the porch too and part of me considered how it would improve the space by just changing the door swings? That would help in the decision of what doors we want and where... I do like your idea of moving it down the wall there for ages from both rooms. I guess I would just need to see how it would look 'to the side'. I also like the slider idea equally.
MrsPete, if I change that door, I bet I could still get two couches /a sectional and two chairs - and have it set up with the two chairs on the front door side? Thank you for your tips on that set up!
The reasons you listed for liking the first plan mud /laundry were my same reasons. I didn't think the space gained changed the function all that much. Why did you like the powder room better there?
I kind of feel like it's a jump ball... I like them both. :)

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is there any reason to not swing a door out?

Depends on what part of the country you are in. It is against code in some places, like here in the northeast. If you have snowfall and 3-4 ft high drifts like we do now, it becomes impossible to open your doors to get outside.

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Aha! Makes sense. I am in Tennessee and am pretty certain it is not against code, but I will have to look into that. Thanks!

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It is against code in some places, like here in the northeast. If you have snowfall and 3-4 ft high drifts like we do now, it becomes impossible to open your doors to get outside. Even on a covered deck? We lived in ND and some houses with inswing doors you still couldn't get out the door because the snow drift was higher than the top of the door.

We are in NC and have several outswing doors.

If you plan on having a tv in the great room, make sure to take that into consideration when planning the furniture arrangement.

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I can only see Option B

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I like Option B. I think when more than one person enters the mud room from the garage, there is more room to get around each other and Option C would be congested waiting for kids to remove jackets etc.

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I like option C too.

I have a powder room like option B has which I really dislike.

In option c I really like the laundry room (more counter space), the large entry closet (great place for all those darned kids shoes), the powder room layout, and the entry vestibule.

That pantry is yummy.

Great job Martha.

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