Brakes Light Question Chrys 300

lucky_12June 19, 2009

Someone who takes the same route to work that I do every day drives an older Chrysler 300. When she steps on the brake, amber lights turn on along with the brake lights. Should she know about this or is there a valid reason why amber lights and brake lights go on at the same time?

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They should not come on with the brake lights. The ambers are the turn signals, and that could make them ineffective.

The possible causes could be defective lamp sockets, lost ground circuit(s), bad turn-signal switch. Another possibility is this could have an incorrect bulb forced into one of the sockets.

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My money is on a dodgy earth somewhere. Lights on cars do some pretty queer things when there is a bad earth. Over here Fords of the 1980's were particulaly prone to this but no car is immune.

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